How to make the most of your home all year round

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, June 26, 2019 - 8:18am

No matter how comfortable and relaxing your home life is, there’s always room for improvement. Does your bedroom get unbearably cold in the winter? Do you wish you spend more time in the garden? Have you fantasised about your own little nook hidden away from the chaos and stress of everyday life? Your home should be a place for recuperating after a tiring day, and that doesn’t need to stop when the seasons change. Winter, spring, summer or autumn, your home can be the most relaxing place in the world – here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Find Garden Inspiration

In the summer, having a garden to spend sunny afternoons reading a book and enjoying ice cream can be the best feeling ever. When winter rolls around, having snowball fights is just as fun. However, this country is famous for fickle weather and unreliable seasons. Summer can come and go without a ray of sunshine, but that doesn’t mean you have to forfeit spending time enjoying your outdoor space. If you have the room, why not put a small cabin at the bottom of the garden to protect you from any weather while you relax? If you live in an apartment, create a window box space and plant flowers or vegetables to bring nature back to your home. Just because the weather is sometimes disappointing doesn’t mean your home has to be.

Don’t Let the Weather Get You Down

Although it's common to complain when it’s raining or cold outside, it can also be uncomfortable finding yourself stuck in the house during the rare heatwave.

Prepare your home for all weather scenarios by:

  • investing in good insulation to preserve heat
  • finding a different set of bedding for hot and cold weather
  • maintaining your electricity and plumbing supplies to prevent damage over time.

This last point is vital. Having a contact for emergency plumbers in Glasgow, a backup generator or second water supply will prevent you from letting frozen pipes over the cold months become a disaster. 

Become Energy Efficient

An excellent way to improve your home is to explore energy efficient options to not only help reverse the effects of climate change but also to save money. Installing solar panels and effective double-glazed windows can significantly help to decrease your energy bills and your carbon footprint. While you’re outdoors soaking up those precious few sun rays, your roof can be generating energy for your home.

Create Your Space

It’s no surprise to anyone who has endured a British winter that being stuck indoors in the darkest months can become tedious. This is when the comfort of your home is the most important. Whether you live alone or with others, it’s always a great idea to carve out a special section of your home just for you. Are you an avid reader? Find yourself a comfortable chair to keep next to your bookshelf. Do you love videogames? Make a small set-up where you can play in peace. Don’t just exist in your home. Savour it.

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