How to create more space in your Exeter property without knocking down walls

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Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 7:51am

British homes typically have limited dimensions in which to work with. Unless you have a listed property or farmhouse, you will need to make do with what you have. Thankfully there are plenty of options to open up your home visually and physically – without even knocking down the walls. 

Creating more space in your home is all about cutting back, being smarter with your design, and using a few design tricks to increase the visual space of your home without increasing its dimensions. 

De-Clutter Immediately 

First things first, you need to de-clutter and be extreme about it. A good way to do this right off the bat and be as brutal as possible is to rent a storage unit for a month or two and put everything you do don’t use in the space. When the lease is up, you will have a more detached relationship with your clutter, and you can then work out what you can get rid of, what you can sell, and what actually deserves a space in your home in the first place. 

While this “container” method of decluttering is going on, you will be able to enjoy a home that is devoid of clutter. Use this opportunity to add these simple design elements and changes to your home: 

Freshen Up the Walls 

White walls will brighten a space, but it’s not the only optical illusion you can make. If you have short ceilings, you can elongate them by painting your walls a darker colour and keeping your ceiling light. You can add an accent wall to draw the eye and trick it into believing the space is bigger than it is. 

Add Reflective Surfaces 

To brighten a home that has only a few windows, adding reflective surfaces is a great way to make it seem bigger. Adding mirrors and furniture that features a reflective surface, like a glass coffee table, will bounce light throughout the room. 

Invest in Hardwood 

Hardwood is a luxury addition for any home and comes in a variety of textures, colours, and layouts. A light floor can brighten a space, but darker wood can do wonders for grounding the room and making the ceiling seem higher. 

Another benefit to hardwood is the fact that you can add area rugs. These rugs draw the eye, and when they are framed by beautiful hardwood floors from, it makes the floor and the very room seem larger by comparison.  

Add Custom Storage 

Keep storage out of your rooms and in the nooks and crannies of your property by investing in custom storage. This way, you will have less clutter on your floors and can keep it as bright and open as possible. 

Add Height to Your Rooms 

Decorate using the full length of the wall to keep the floors as spacious as possible. For example, rather than having your TV on a TV stand sitting on the floor, mount it to the wall. 

Adding space requires several solutions. Decluttering, using design tricks to make the space feel bigger, and of course to adding custom storage solutions. Use them all to find harmony in your home.