Home renovations that can give your sale price a boost

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, December 24, 2021 - 2:34pm

If you own a house, then what are you planning to do with it in the long term? Some people will plan to live in it forever, whereas others might want to sell when the price is right to either upsize or downsize, depending on their future plans. If you are in the second camp, you’ll want to ensure your home is worth as much money as possible. In some cases, this will mean spending money, but this should be looked at as an investment as, if you choose the right renovations and improvements, they will add value to your home and give you your money back with a profit. With that in mind, here are some of the home renovations that will help you achieve a greater sale price for your property when the time comes.

Loft Conversion

Did you know that a good loft conversion can add as much as twenty percent onto the value of your property? This is why, if you’re able to, depending on your budget, planning permission, and the amount of loft space you have, of course, a loft conversion is a wonderful idea. This is because you’re making use of space that would normally be unused or simply used for storage, and by adding a bedroom, home office, or games room, for example, you are sure to add value.

If you want to go down this route, it’s wise to speak to experts such as Townscape Architects. A good architect will be able to design exactly the right space for you, and they’ll be able to handle the red tape associated with a loft conversion like this.

Kitchen Refit

If you thought that a loft conversion was a good idea when it comes to adding value to your property, you’ll be even more amazed at what a kitchen refit can do. In some cases, this can add as much as fifty percent to the value of your property, which makes any disruption and hardship that might come with having the new kitchen installed worth it.

The kitchen is perhaps the most used room in the entire house. People will be cooking in there, entertaining, and if you have a kitchen diner, they will be spending time as a family there too. So if the kitchen can be as beautiful as possible, you’ll undoubtedly have a house that’s worth more.

Go Green

In the past, making your house more eco-friendly wouldn’t have been a priority, and it may not even have given you much more value to the property. However, today more and more people find that they are keen to protect the planet in whatever way they can, and if you have an eco-friendly house, they will be willing to pay a little more for it. Plus, when the property is set up to be good for the environment, that usually means it’s good for the bank balance, too, as energy bills tend to be lower.

If you can add items such as solar panels to your home, you’ll definitely add value to it, and you might even be able to sell more quickly, both of which are desirable outcomes.

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