Guide to creating a relaxing sanctuary in your small garden

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 10:39am

It’s no secret that spending time outside is good for us. Sunlight exposure, fresh air and the calming sounds of nature can all do wonders for our emotional wellbeing. 

In order to experience such restorative relaxation, we might book a day at the spa or go for a walk but might having your own garden spa sanctuary be even more inviting, not to mention accessible?

When you have a small garden, it may seem like an impossible task, but you may be surprised at what can be achieved. For example, you may think you could never have a hot tub spa in a such a small space. Yet, hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes and Hot Tub Barn’s mini hot tubs are the perfect choice for gardens with space restrictions. 

Hot Tub Spa

No garden sanctuary is complete without the presence of the pièce de résistance – your very own hot tub. Depending on the shape and size of your garden, it can be a good idea to make the spa itself the centrepiece. 

It can be a good idea to decide early on if you will have your hot tub placed in the ground or above the ground. This will make it much easier to select the elements for your garden spa and what will best fit the available space. 

Design Theme 

Consider if you would like a theme to your garden sanctuary. Is there a place you feel particularly relaxed – the beach, the forest?  

If you are stuck for ideas, a great way to gain some inspiration is by visiting some your local spa hotels or just doing some research online. 

The theme you choose will have an impact on how you feel when you’re in your spa, so do take your time and choose wisely.

In additional, ensure any design you decide on is effective at any time of day - for example, including lights within designs.  

Mood Enhancing Colours 

Colour can have a huge effect on how we feel. Think about some colours you associate with feeling calm and relaxed.

Bring these colours into your garden spa space wherever you can – painted fence, coloured lights, flowers, cushions, plant pots, furniture etc. 

With the right colours, it can be possible for you to just look at your garden spa and be instantly transported to a place of peace and tranquillity. 

Ignite Your Senses

One of the great pleasures of being outside can be enjoying the smells of the natural world. In order to bring this calming element into your garden spa sanctuary, be sure to use a range of fragrant flowers which bloom at different times of the year.

Moreover, the visual aspect alone will do wonders for creating the warmth and tranquillity you want your spa garden to eminent. 

The sounds of birds tweeting can elevate this further and by planting small scrubs and trees, you will attract birds and other wildlife into your sanctuary. 

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