GPS dog fences: A beginner's guide

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Sunday, December 12, 2021 - 6:56am

Are you an animal lover? Do you own a pet dog that loves to run around? The truth is, most dogs love to spend time outdoors playing a game or two of fetch but in the world we live in, there are so many dangers lurking in the environment; some are hidden while others are quite obvious. 

If you are a homeowner, and your entire property is fully fenced in such a way that your dog cannot leave the vicinity, then you can let your dog run around the compound unsupervised. But happens when a guest forgets to lock the backyard door and your dog runs away, or what do you do when you need to walk your dog to the mall but you can’t just get him to behave when he is leashed to enable you to get the business done?  

You could also be in a situation where you live in an unfenced yard and your landlord is unable to put up a permanent fence at the moment because of the rules enforced by the homeowner’s association. If this is your current predicament, then you must find an alternative solution to stop your dog from running into the dangerous streets and risk getting hit by a speeding vehicle or disappearing completely.

The good news is that all these problems can be solved by purchasing a GPS dog fence. Check out this website for more information on how you can finally enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dogs are safe all the time.  

What is a GPS dog fence? 

GPS stands for Global positioning system. It is a system that can show your exact location no matter where you are or the current weather condition. When GPS is used in a dog collar, it simply determines a predefined area where your dog will be fenced. The GPS dog fence uses satellite connections to create a virtual fence that you can adjust with your smartphone when you need to. 

There are several GPS fences available in the market today but you must do your research and choose a dog fence that is easy to use and will guarantee the total safety of your pet wherever you are. 

Electronic pet fences such as the Halo Collar allow you to set up about 20 fences at the same time and thus, your dog can run freely in a wide range of locations. You can set up your dog fence in your backyard, the local dog park, and the area around your favorite mall so that when you go out you will relax knowing that your dog will not stray.  

If you opt to use the Halo Collar, you can easily train your dog to understand boundaries and this will greatly contribute to establishing trust between you and your dog. The collar will give warning sounds or praises when your dog returns back to you. Your dog will enjoy the freedom and you will be able to track your dogs’ activities and see how much time they spent sleeping, running around places they enjoy spending most of their time.  

Do GPS dog fences work? 

The simple answer is yes. Many fences in the market can teach your dog not to go too close to the virtual fence and they do this by making some noise or vibrations or by giving out a shock sensation to remind your dog to stay within the boundary. The training option will enable your dog to enjoy the freedom to run around and also remain safe and avoid situations where they could get hurt.  


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