Golden rules to make your moving day proceed without a hitch

Golden rules to make your moving day proceed without a hitch

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Friday, March 26, 2021 - 8:05am

Over the course of the last twelve months or so, there have been a lot of changes that have affected the housing market and moving in general. Firstly, there have been extensions allowed to the freeze of stamp duty expected to be paid on English properties. Then, there have been periods when it has not been possible to move at all due to the lockdown restrictions that have been in place in various different forms in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Furthermore, even when moving has been allowed, there have been many more lifestyle relocations than before.

In short, people have been looking in ever greater numbers to get out of the big metropolitan centres of the UK, such as Glasgow, London and Manchester. Perhaps it is because so many more people work from home nowadays or maybe it is because people realise that where they live is more important to them than access to the sort of services that big cities can offer? Whatever, the reason, there is a cultural shift that is ongoing in the way we live and work and how this reflects on our accommodation choices.

That being said, there are some things that never change. Even relocating to your dream home in a new part of the world, perhaps in a rural idyll or somewhere a few stops further out on your commuter line, is stressful. Like bereavements and divorces, moving is still regarded as one of the most anxiety-inducing things you can go through in life. And yet, if you book professionals, such as Volition Removals, to take care of the heavy lifting for you, so much of the hassle can be taken out of the equation. What else do you need to consider to make sure your moving day goes off without causing undue stress?

Prepare In Advance

Preparation is the key to any successful move. Pack things you don't need so that they're ready to go well before you leave your current residence. Only leave things out that are essential for day-to-day living. Obtain packing crates which are stackable so that your belongings don't take up too much space in the run-up to your move. Good removal firms will offer these to you as a part of their service.

Label Boxes

Whether you have stacking crates or not, label each box before it goes into transit. This is not to help you move exactly but it will help you in two ways. Firstly, if you need something unexpectedly that you have already packed, then you will be able to track it down without going through everything you own. Secondly, it will mean being able to unpack at your new home that much more methodically, thereby alleviating much of the stress associated with settling in.

Consider Pets

Pets can find moving stressful, too, because they don't always understand what is going on. Make sure your pet has access to food and plenty of water while you are busy. Ideally, ask someone to look after your pet for you – at least for a few hours – so you can get on with the job of moving and then deal with their needs for the journey to your new home once you have a few moments to spare. Some people will even put their cat or dog into paid-for accommodation for a night or two until the move is complete.

Pack a Moving Day Bag

Losing something on your moving day is such a headache. As such, one of the best things you can put onto your moving house checklist is the contents of your bag. Phones, keys, wallets, medication, hand sanitiser and anything else you might need during the move should all have their home in a bag that you keep on your person throughout the day. All too often, things go wrong because something that is essential has been stowed away and the whole move is temporarily halted while it is searched for.

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