Garden room construction: process and practical advice

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, August 26, 2021 - 6:25am

Garden rooms can be found in various plots of both a garden and a residential house. We usually keep a wide variety of things in it - from firewood and garden tools to unused items that have nothing to do with the household. Although this uncomplicated building can appear in any garden in a relatively short period of time, if necessary, it is worth not only assessing the construction process but also its costs before starting construction.

How to choose the right garden room size?

Although in practice most garden rooms do not have a large space, you can only decide what size the outbuilding should be based on your individual needs. Depending on them, you can even choose from several types: a detached and adjoining garden room and Maestro Cabins offer a wide choice.

The latter option is usually chosen when it is planned to build small auxiliary premises. If you only need a garden room so that you can put only a few items in it, garden room close to the house could be a great choice. By storing it against the wall of the main house, you will not only save materials for one wall of the garden room, but also be able to install a direct entrance from the garage or house, thus avoiding autumn precipitation or snow in winter.

However, given the main purpose of the garden room- to keep items that are used less often in your household, we recommend that you do not avoid larger garden rooms. This will not only help free up frequently used home spaces - garage, hallway or even living rooms, but will also be a cheaper option than building a larger garage. If you also plan to use garden room as an office from time to time, consider factors such as air circulation and light penetration into the premises.

Buy or build it yourself: benefits and prices

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before deciding whether to buy a garden room that has already been built, or to build it yourself from scratch.

First of all, if you decide to build a garden room yourself, you will be able to completely create its design and decide what kind of a layout you want. Although, from a practical point of view, the design of a garden room is not a top priority, it is significant. A tasteless, unsuitable garden room can completely ruin the view in the yard, so when building or buying an already made one, you should make sure that its design will not only complement the exterior of your yard, but will also fit into existing buildings. You can easily ensure this by choosing a similar style or elements that match the exterior of the house.

The second, but no less important aspect is the price, so before deciding to build or buy a garden room, it is appropriate to accurately calculate the future costs of both options. As with any building, the price of a garden room will largely depend on its size and the materials chosen for construction.

Garden room construction stages
  1. Once you have decided what space you want to allocate to your garden room, you should accurately calculate all the dimensions of it before starting any work. Carefully mark the future location of the foundation and level it well to prepare the foundation. Even small discrepancies can lead to room leaks or other technical problems in the long run.

2. The construction of every garden room, like any other building, starts from the foundation. You will easily make them yourself, you will only need a little cement, sand and water. Start by mixing cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 4, and then dilute this mixture slightly with water. Keep in mind that too much water will weaken the mixture, so water should be used with extreme moderation. Allow the foundation to set for at least 24 hours before placing any extra weight on it. Once the concrete has set, it is possible to make the main frame, but first and foremost, make sure that the cross supports are in the right place to fit along the edges of the OSB board you will be laying as a floor.                                          

3. After the above works, it is possible to start constructing wall frames. Based on experience, we recommend attaching waterproof sheets above the frame to increase wall protection of your garden room.

4. After finishing the walls, you can move to the roof. Garden room roof construction is practically no different from any roofing of a wooden building - it is probably the most complicated part of the construction process.

5. Finally, after all the construction work is done, it is possible to move on to the floor, windows and doors and the decoration of a garden room. Given that the building will not be insulated, we recommend choosing high-quality and airtight windows and doors.

Further work is your complete improvisation. Choose colors that match the exterior of the yard and install the lighting in your garden room.

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