Five festive Christmas decoration ideas to get the imagination going

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - 8:26am

After years, maybe decades, of looking at the same Christmas decorations going up and down around your house, you might be thinking it’s time for a revamp, a change of scenery, a fresh start to your festive décor. Tinsel and fairy lights around the house may be the easy option, but if you want to leave an impression on those who visit, or just wish to liven it up for your own sake, then you could try and mix it up a little, get a little creative with it. If this sounds appealing to you then stick around as we go through five festive Christmas decoration ideas to get the imagination going.

Set a theme around the house

Setting a theme around your house is a great way of tying your Christmas decorations together, as well as creating a little challenge for you and your family to work on. Christmas in New York, Lapland, Santa’s workshop, all of these offer you a wide variety of options when it comes to decorating, and can be swapped out with so many other themes, so if you fancy a mini-Christmas project then definitely try this out.

Enjoy customising your Christmas tree

Sometimes the idea of decorating the Christmas tree can be a chore above all else, especially once you possess an overwhelming amount of tree ornaments and knick knacks to hang up, so if there is some way to make this process more fun and creative then we got to make the most of it. You could try to create a little diorama within the branches, or use your ornaments to create a scene around the tree, though if you are feeling extra create then check out some of these crazy alternatives people have done, they have really gone above and beyond in some cases.  

Spruce up your fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have a nice fireplace in your home then you know how important making it look as festive as possible really is, Santa needs a nice entrance after all. Decorating your fireplace is usually a big task as it draws so much attention in the room, so take your time and come up with some fun decorating ideas,  whether they be a simple stocking arrangement or something more grand.

Mess around with some garden decorations

The garden truly has such unlimited potential when it comes to Christmas decorating, and it is just waiting for you to take advantage of this potential. You could go along the route of putting lights all over your trees, or a synchronised display over the outside your house, though my personal favourite is getting some garden ornaments, be they some wooden reindeer or some plastic elves, and making a scene for them to play out in the garden. All of these add another playful dynamic to your decorations, and provide you with the perfect playground to let your imagination run wild.

Make a playful nativity scene

If you lean towards the more religious side of Christmas and want to have a little fun with your decorating, or just wish to pay homage to the man of the hour, then you could go creative and have fun with your nativity scene. Going creative does not mean you have to be insulting towards those of Christian faith, but instead you could make your own barn and manger, or expand who is in the scene and include all the sheep and shepherds around them. There are so many factors that play into making the nativity scene your own, so, as with all the other decorating ideas, go wild and create something unique this year, enjoy yourself and make your house look exactly how you want it.


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