Files from the Farmhouse: Sofa and loveseats to plush up your space

Files from the Farmhouse: Sofa and loveseats to plush up your space

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Wednesday, June 2, 2021 - 3:08pm

Room feeling a bit clinical? Soften it up with some incredible accent pieces and a nod towards classic farmhouse design.

Farmhouse style is such an incredibly variable style. When pressed to its limits, the rustic interaction creates moody, pensive, and cosy scapes, perfect for feeling calm, quiet, and closely kept. Play off of the industrial themes and suddenly you're transported into a more modern and stark scape, using the clean lines to accentuate natural textures and patterns, softening the sleek look of contemporary design. More than these examples, the aesthetic lends itself easily to a number of other design favorites and trends of the modern day pallet.

But maybe the absolute best lesson we can take from this general style, is how accent pieces, like a farmhouse sofa, can really bring in a feeling of luscious comfort. That feeling of extravagance, of rich cushions, deep colours, gorgeous textiles and textures. One of the fastest ways to warm up an otherwise harsh space, smoothing out hard lines and really anchoring your area, is through accent furniture and statement pieces. Really helping to create a tangible balance between hard and soft, masculine and feminine, chic and comfortable. And few pieces do this better than those Farmhouse design inspires.

Feel of Farmhouse: Sofa and Loveseats

One of the best ways to bring in some femininity and softness into the harsh lines of contemporary styles is to choose luxurious, plush sofas and loveseats. Even if overstuffed isn’t exactly your style, there are a number of different luxe fabrics that can give you that soft and extravagant feel without the need for something to sink into. Allowing you to really flex your creativity when mixing and matching lines and depths. They are also a novel way to introduce patterns and prints in a way that can be watered down through soft furnishings. Keeping them bright and fun, without becoming overwhelming.

Sofas and loveseats are a really great way to soften industrial themes, or continue to pull out those country vibes with cottagecore designs. While mid-century and modern designs focused more on hard lines, complemented with wood and steel accents, soft furnishings like opulent accent pillows, warm blankets, and deeply inviting textures and fabrics can all be utilized to create a warm and inviting space, even in the midst of more masculine and austere aesthetics.

Feel of Farmhouse: Armchairs and Chaise Lounges

Few things are as easily deceptive as a well placed chaise lounge or regal armchair. Instantaneously transforming nearly any space, giving a palatial and high-end result. Chaise lounges are for just that: lounging. They are easily dressed with thoughtful soft furnishing and become a vital accent to a room, often used to anchor other types of more outlandish decor. A classic, mono-chromatic lounge can instantly ground more avantgard pieces and bold colours. Where an overly plush or ornate lounge pairs beautifully with harsher, more industrial styles.

Discussing armchairs is a lofty business in and of itself. The sheer myriad of variety available is just as staggering as it is inspirational. Armchairs are the perfect way to evolve any space you have at your disposal. From clean lines, thin padding, and overt dominance, to subtle, almost afterthought-esque feelings from barely there contours and lush fabrics. Armchairs are a great choice if you need to find a way to soften harsher design without a massive budget, or a ton of available space.

Feel of Farmhouse: Furniture Staples

Perhaps one of the best, and most enduring aesthetic underpinnings of farmhouse design is the complementary furniture and storage that the genre has brought into the overall look. Sideboards, high boards, console tables, dining tables, end tables, and a number of other staples to filling out a space can be found in farmhouse design. Creating more complete and functional rooms without having to compromise on design. Regardless of whether your style tends to lean more towards maximalism or firmly stays put within modern minimalism confines, farmhouse furniture can pull in an eclectic feel that really complements a number of different design principles.

One of the best principles of farmhouse aesthetics is that pieces can easily be both functional and beautiful. Which translates really well into the often heavy design of much of the farmhouse style furniture. Gorgeous and warm wood grain, paired with industrial style fixtures. Deeply curved lines mixed with harsh angles lead to a visually stunning piece, but also one that is easily integrated into a number of other motifs. Particularly when played off against vibrant colours or accompanying textures.


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