Are you going to rent in Scotland? Don’t skip this guide if you are a first timer

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Friday, February 8, 2019 - 10:49am

Whether you want to rent a flat, a room, or even a home, it is critical to know the particulars of the whole approach. 

From planning viewings to ensuring the budget are usually up to scratch, this informative guide from CityLets will certainly arm you with all the important information to find your perfect house.

Finding a Property

House searching is always fun. It may be amazingly thrilling to check out houses in your area, and once you find your 'one', there is always an exciting rush. 

However,it is not just as easy as turning up to the first home you see promoted and heading straight in. Obviously,once in a while,that may be the case - but you should not count on it.

In its place, first,you need to consider what type of house you need cautiously.

What is your living style? 

If you are barely at home or are living alone,a small flat may be perfect. Having said that, if you are with your spouse and even children, a larger house would probably be a better fit. Do not just consider the size of the house though. If you drive then drive, you will need a parking space. 

Do you have household furniture? If not, furnished lodging can be considered.

Some other questions to think about include:

  • Are you satisfied with a bathtub, or do you want a shower too?
  • Is there an adequate space to dry and wash clothes?
  • Is the house attired with home appliances, such as an automatic washer and refrigerator?
  • Do you need a backyard?
  • Would you rent a small room, or share your home with your fellow tenant or landlord?
  • These are the basic questions you must take into account, therefore, jot down all the requirements and nice-to-haves you can imagine - before arranging the first visit.

Agents vs Private Landlords

Even when you have your dream house in mind, the choices are still coming fast and thick. 

Would you rent privately or hire a real estate agent?

The advised option is to choose a real estate agent. Why? Because it offers the best security when you are renting any kind of Scottish house and ensures certain protection as they're authorised with a governmental body or any similar organisation. Required work is more prone to be done in a timely manner, and there ought to be fewer conflicts over issues such as deposits.

Governmental bodies include:

  • RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
  • NAEA - National Association of Estate Agents
  • NALS - National Approved Lettings Scheme

Check the Sites Online to Find Out What’s Covered by Each Organization

All landlords of tenancies must be authorised from the local authorities - for legal reasons - to prove they are ‘fit and proper' to let a house. Another factor to consider is the right to rent. Make sure that you have it already to proceed the paperwork.

If the landlord has not yet registered, they're committing an offence - unless there's an exemption on the house. You are advised to visit the Scottish federal government site to acquire more information regarding private landlord enrollment.

There is certainly high demand from customers for good,top-quality rented lodging, specifically in attractive residential areas and around colleges and universities. Don't forget to check with the organisations mentioned above to confirm the registration of your landlord. After you like something about the offer or property,make contact with the agency or landlord to arrange a visit for you as soon as possible.

Before visiting a property, list all above questions or some other that you have in your mind to ask the landlord or letting agent. 

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