All You Need to Know About Independent Living Communities

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, December 23, 2020 - 9:59am

Independent living communities grant senior citizens the opportunity to live in a resort-like residence. They offer many benefits that senior citizens can enjoy. Living in such a community can make them feel less isolated, provide them with a variety of amenities and services, and make them feel safe by allocating safety and security measures. Independent living communities organize many activities that allow senior citizens to practice their hobbies as well as develop new interests. They also offer delicious, nutritious meals and the costs are all-inclusive; meaning that they won’t have to worry about the utility bills. The advantages of independent living communities are endless; you should read through this article to find out everything that you need to know about independent living communities. 

It Is Not a Nursing Home

Independent living communities are not similar to nursing homes. In an independent living community, senior citizens are autonomous. Their interaction with the staff would depend on their preference and the services that they choose to sign up for. Independent living is a lifestyle, and it allows seniors to be surrounded by many people instead of living on their own. Seniors will be encouraged to participate in many social events that will boost their spirits. They are designed to make seniors feel emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally fulfilled. 

They are All Different

Each independent living community has something different to offer. They have different social environments with different levels of interaction between staff and residents, and among the residents themselves. Many of them have different amenities to offer; click here to get a more detailed idea of the different offerings that independent living communities have to offer.  Their appearance, design, and decor are also different. A senior citizen must choose one in which they feel at home, or believe suits their needs. Additionally, finding out whether the community is licensed for healthcare, assisted living, or skilled nursing is a must. You should be aware of the level of care that they offer and if they check for signs that a resident may need medical attention. Each community provides different amenities or activities. Find out if they offer housekeeping or transportation services, and wellness centers. 

No One Has to Go Alone

If a couple requires different needs, they should find an independent living community that offers individual care and assistance. This way, one of them won’t have to feel overwhelmed by being the only caregiver their spouse has. In that case, one of them won’t have to go to a nursing home, while the other stays behind. Both of them can enjoy the benefits of an independent living community while receiving personal care that suits each of their needs. 

No Pets Will Be Left Behind

If a senior is concerned about having to leave their pet behind, they will be pleased to learn that many independent living communities welcome pets. Pets can encourage citizens to take part in social and physical activities and are also proven to lower blood pressure levels and reduce stress. Pets will promote general happiness and health among senior citizens. 

Independent living communities make their residents feel safe and give them a chance to socialize without depriving them of their independence. Living in such a community can significantly decrease the risk of the development of unpleasant feelings that may lead to depression, like loneliness.


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