7 Reasons to choose asphalt paving for driveways

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 7:13am

Due to its capability to withstand harsh weather conditions and other damaging forces, asphalt is the best choice for property owners.  Whether you are preparing for the installation of the parking lot, driveways or a general paving project,  a business that provides asphalt driveways in Dublin can help you with each step of installation. We are going to discuss the top 7 reasons to choose asphalt paving for driveways.


Asphalt is extremely durable and it is known to withstand whatever nature and humans throw over it. It can even stand frequent and heavy traffic, large load and hefty use. Asphalt can endure snow, rain, and hail as well. A huge benefit of asphalt in colder areas is its resistance to corrosion by salts and snow melting chemicals. The black color of asphalt also absorbs the heat from the sun and melts off snow efficiently.


Asphalt is economical due to its low production cost. The low cost of asphalt lie is the recyclability of asphalt. The money saved from the recycling of asphalt makes the whole process even economical. It is also economical as it has short construction time. It saves both money and time.

Behind lots of surfaces paved with asphalt, there is a reason. Asphalt is very easy to install and simple to produce. These two things make the asphalt very cost-effective i.e. 40 % less expensive as compared to concrete. The low cost of asphalt doesn’t mean that it is inferior quality material. You can get an idea from these benefits that asphalt is a great choice for lots of your projects.

Comfortable and smooth 

It is a well-known choice among people because of its quiet and smooth ride. The rocky surface and lack of construction joints of asphalt enhance fuel-efficiency, decrease deterioration on vehicles and makes for a silent ride.  

Easy to maintain

Easy maintenance is another reason which makes asphalt a compelling option for paving. As compared to other surfaces, asphalt is easy to repair. Asphalt repair kits are easily found at many house improvement stores and are easy to use for most homeowners. Such repair kits are available at low cost and you will make your asphalt driveway back to perfect shape.


The smooth surface of asphalt enables proper water drainage which decreases the need for water spray, thereby improving driver visibility in the rainy season. The dark color of asphalt decrease glare for riders and its contrast striping colors enables drivers to see them easily.

Efficient use

It is easy to work with asphalt as it dries quickly. If you want to quickly do your job, asphalt is an ideal material. The driveway project can be done in just a single day. You can go in the morning and come back home to finish the project in the evening.

100% recyclable

Asphalt paving is 100 percent reusable with means that practically all of the asphalt is recycled or reused. This reusability makes asphalt the most popular paving material today. By reusing the same asphalt again and again, we are conserving our natural resources.

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