5 Steps to take when you move house

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, November 8, 2019 - 6:45am

When you move out of your rental property in Putney, you’ll be looking forward to your new chapter and where you’ll be living next. The future takes a lot of organisation, so it’s natural that you may overlook a few details about the property you’ll be vacating. To help you ensure a smooth move-out with no conflicts or problems, we’ve put together a helpful list of tips for when you move out of your Putney home. 

Review your rental agreement

When you plan to move out of your rental property, the first task is to check over your rental agreement. Make sure you’re not trying to end the contract earlier than stipulated, and that you’ve given the correct amount of notice in the preferred way. Also, it would benefit you to check any other clauses in the agreement, so you know exactly what is expected of you and what to expect from your landlord in return.

Fix any damage

In order to recoup your deposit, it’s vital that you return the property in the same condition you received it. Your next task is to thoroughly inspect the property for any damage and repair it. Your landlord will expect usual wear and tear, but holes in walls, scratches, dents, and broken windows, for example, must be mended at your expense prior to moving out. 

Clean the property

Your rental agreement may provide specifics as to the cleaning you need to do in the property before you move out. These might include steam cleaning or professional carpet cleaning, for example. On the other hand, the agreement may simply state that you need to leave the property in the condition in which you found it. Regardless, it’s safer to try to leave the rental property in a clean, tidy condition. To take away any potential hassle, you may prefer to hire a move out cleaning Putney professional cleaning company to complete this for you. Leaving the house in a good state will ensure you receive your deposit back at the end of the tenancy and without any disagreements. 

Record the condition of the property

You will require proof that you’ve left the property in good condition, so be sure to take lots of photographs, showing the cleaning and repair works have been completed. It’s also a good idea to keep receipts for professional cleaning, for example. When the property is empty, clean and you’re about to leave, take another set of photographs to prove how you left the property. This should remove the possibility of conflicts and problems in getting back your deposit.

Arrange an inspection

Once you’ve fully moved out, remember to ask your landlord to conduct a final inspection. It’s best to be there at the time of the inspection, but if this isn’t possible, be sure to have all of your photos stored ready, should you need to prove anything to get your deposit back. 

After you’ve followed these steps, you can get on with your new life and focus on your new home. Good luck!