5 budget-friendly wall decor ideas

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Monday, June 7, 2021 - 3:50pm

Keeping up with the walls

We all want our homes to be picture-perfect from every corner and have every picture with Instagram-worthy backgrounds. But with so many things to spend on, getting an aesthetic wall is something we relate to as an expensive investment. Without a budget, things can pretty easily slip out of our hands. We are here to satisfy all your cravings for getting on-trend furnishings.

Listed are five ‘on trend’ affordable DIYs to get your walls en vogue:

Mirror-mirror everywhere

If you see yourself taking mirror selfies every time you see a fancy mirror this idea is totally for you. It not only makes your wall look aesthetic but also makes space look bigger.

Try covering your wall with mirrors that have unique borders, rusty colors and are different sizes and shapes. Make it geometrically pleasing. There is a fine line between tacky and simplicity. What works for your home might not work for others. Remember not to overdo it.

You can buy mirrors from markets or vintage shops which are wallet-friendly.

Hang the books

Having a bookshelf is so 90s.

If you have a single colored wall or if you are an avid reader, this wall decor idea will be suitable to reflect your personality. Get hangers from any local shop. You can choose from wooden, metallic, or raw, a solid rim or a delicate one! Choose whatever you like the look of and goes with your home decor.

Select a few books with eye-catching covers. You can go by genres, favorite writers, or simply just abstract. Nail the right spot on the wall, open the centre page and hang it on the hanger, then place the hanger on the wall.

You can stray from the conventional design and try a grapevine structure, reducing one or two hangers as you go down vertically.

Bring out the artist in you

"Go down the memory lane".

It's time to get nostalgic. If you loved to draw as a child, try gathering all your precious artwork.  Select a mix of quirky, funny and close to your heart drawings, it doesn’t matter if the colours are going out of line or if you have a lion painted in blue.

Get these paintings framed with a simple black or wooden border and hang on the wall at an appropriate distance. These frames can add to your glam and be a more personalised decoration.

You can also get wall art prints online that don't discourage your innate artistry but make you think like a designer.

Show off the artist that you are because nobody likes to stare at empty walls!

Go green

“ Your personalized green revolution”.

The cute indoor plants and bonsais are here to stay for a long time, heck, we have made cacti look aesthetic. These plants don't require a lot of care or watering and are merely art pieces that breathe.

You can buy saplings or more mature plants from any nearby nursery. Plant them in pots of your choice. You can choose from rich-looking marble or go raw with rusty brown.

If you like to paint, you could try colouring or designing the pot to your own taste.

Try to choose plants that do not have a pungent smell. Place them near your sofa sets or on the runners near the wall. Placing plants on the bookshelf is also a good option.

Light it up

“The fairy light romance”.

Savage glow-up signs and lights are an excellent way to cosy up homes. Yellow lighting adds to the warmth. Try using candles, fairy lights and lamps to decorate the wall. Scented candles are a big hit, place them unevenly on the wall with wooden support.

Another advantage, you are just one switch away from a candlelit dinner.

There is nothing branded about all this, and you can easily buy these items from a local store. Just be cautious about the durability.


Having a home and an aesthetic look can make you happy from the inside. And, when it all comes at a handy price, it just adds to the happiness. These ideas are not to be glued on to. Bring out your creativity, add your essence and give your wall the perfect makeover.

Pull off a budgeted way to decorate your walls and let yourself have your dream home.


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