There are 5 ways on how to find the most suitable mattress, experts say

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Posted Thursday, January 10, 2019 - 5:47am

Many people, when choosing a mattress ask the question: "how to choose from a wide range of quality mattress, which will provide them a healthy and durable night's sleep?"

The question is correct because human performance in the daytime period of the day depends entirely on good and deep sleep at night. The quality of sleep is provided by the mattress and the right choice of mattress not only provides a healthy and deep sleep but also makes it impossible to have problems with your back. Over the last ten years, many mattress companies have emerged on the market, which is trying to gain confidence and commitment from potential buyers through the production of exciting marketing decisions, the hosting of attractive commercials on television and on the Internet. All this is done with the aim of profitable sales of their own products, not especially looking at its quality and materials from which the mattress is made, says There is a special classification of mattresses according to their design:

 • Spring mattresses contain dependent and fully independent springs, which are combined in special blocks and located throughout the mattress area. This type of mattress is ideally suited to the shape of your body and makes the rest very convenient;

 • Mattresses on a springless basis use a variety of fillers, including artificial or natural latex, coconut fiber, a wide range of various synthetic qualitative materials. This type also includes inflatable and water mattresses. This type of mattress is durable, it does not lose its shape over time and it is resistant to all kinds of loads.

The modern mattress market is really impressive, there are ones with an innovative memory function, and the number of materials from which the mattress is made is extremely large, for example, in the market mattresses are presented, the filler of which is coconut fiber, which can vary depending on the current season: winter is summer. There are various models of orthopedic mattress models:

 • One-sided mattresses;

 • Bilateral mattresses.

Typically, double-sided mattresses have different levels of stiffness, they also have different types of coatings.
Many buyers have a quite logical question: "How to choose the best quality mattress that will be useful and provide a healthy sleep?" Consider 5 ideas for buying a mattress, which will help you find the most optimal, in accordance with all the parameters of quality, a mattress for yourself.

Idea # 1 Base mattress

Despite the rapidly growing technological progress of mattress manufacturing, their essence remains the same: manufacturers produce mattresses on a spring basis and without the use of springs. The spring base of the mattress consists of a plurality of springs, which are interlocked with each other by blocks, located around the perimeter of the mattress and packed in special textile covers. These springs fall under the weight of a person, however, while there is physical resistance, which provides for the maintenance of the position chosen by man for sleep or rest. The price segment of such beds is quite wide, it depends on the number of springs because it depends on the number of springs and the quality and price of the mattress depends. The spring blocks, which are packed in special textile covers and independent from each other, ensure the repetition of the body's contour and precisely on the number of springs is the orthopedic effect and effect of the mattress on a person: as a rule, a rigid orthopedic mattress contains 300-400 springs. The price range of spring mattresses is quite wide, it all depends on the brand of the manufacturer, various parameters, the service life of this type of mattresses is 10 - 15 years.

Mattresses that do not contain springs based on the use of popular varied materials as filler: foam, latex or coconut fiber. There are also beds with less well-known and more exotic fillers in the market: seaweed or straw. The production of natural latex is carried out with the help of juice, in simple words, rubberwood, this material is not only safe and high quality, but it is also mild. It is worth to know that artificial latex does not possess similar properties, it is made of much worse materials, and also it is not completely safe: it can be allergic to formaldehyde, which is in its composition. The type of latex mattress has a memory function, which is to accept the form of the body of a sleeping person, but this may be a problem for another person who will sleep on your bed. The most optimal and popular option among buyers is such a filler as natural latex. The life of the mattress with such a filler is 15 - 20 years. Porolon filler is the cheapest, but it contains formaldehyde, which often causes many people to have allergies. A significant advantage of all types of artificial fillers is the fact that they will never be in contact with ticks or bugs. Foam can be used as an additional filler, is an additional element in other fillers.

Idea №2 Upholstery of a mattress

It is worth considering that the load on the mattress is quite high, so it is worth taking into account the materials from which the upholstery is made, they must be strong and high-quality, which can withstand friction, slip, without breaking. Dense fibers, which are used as upholstery materials, are the optimal quality, durability, and reliability.

Manufacturers of mattresses that offer the function "winter - summer" should make the upholstery of the mattress only from completely natural materials that are calculated during the use of the bed during the summer, and the addition of artificial fibers ensure the full use of the mattress in the winter. Typically, the composition of the upholstery provides winter warmth, thanks to woolen materials, cotton summer use of materials that make your bed is not warm and performs the cooling function. Price segment upholstery does not change the same price of a mattress, but this feature as "winter - summer" makes the mattress more expensive by 10-20% of its total value.

Idea # 3 Proper mattress service

It is important to know that in order to keep the mattress of your choice retained quality and its useful orthopedic properties for as long as possible, you need to take into account the rules of operation from manufacturers. The mattresses with the "winter-summer" function need to be turned to different sides, this is done to ensure that both sides have a uniform load. Also, it is worthwhile to change the position of the head - the legs, if this rule neglects, the filler wears out, finally taking the position of the body of a sleeping person. In the case of two people sleeping on the mattress, one of which has more weight for its partner, spring ones wear out in the heavier side. To make this impossible, it is sometimes necessary to change places.

Despite the use of all possible modern technologies in the design of the bed, in any case, it requires constant and careful care of it: it needs to be ventilated, knock dust out of it, do not clog it (for this you can use a mattress: a special rubber cover that is worn on the floor a mattress under a sheet and which makes it impossible to hit the mattress of dirt, dust or stains).

Idea №4 The optimal choice of the required mattress model

The choice of mattress should be carried out in accordance not only with your own preferences but also with the technical characteristics of the model you choose and the requirements that the mattress has to fulfill. The best choices are hiking in a furniture store and test all your favorite types of mattresses: they can lie, sit, feel it his own body. Due to this, you will be able to choose the model you want on your own. In case you decide on the model you are looking for and the manufacturer, you can order a mattress model through the Internet, which will save you 10-15% of the amount of the purchase.

Idea №5 Hardness of the mattress

Infants under 3 years required a mattress with coconut fiber, which not only meets all environmental requirements but also the best option according to the rigidity for children's spine. Children under the age of 12 years are better to buy a mattress without a spring-based basis: vibrations of spring blocks can affect the development of the spine in negative shades. The filler should be natural ingredients that make it impossible to develop an allergy to chemical elements.

Without a spring mattress will also be a better option for people overweight - more than 100 kilograms or people suffering from heart disease or respiratory diseases, as the body position should be fixed, and spring mattresses promote fluctuations and changes in body position.

Orthopedic mattresses use, on their basis, completely independent spring-loaded medium-rigid blocks. People with a lot of weight do not need to sleep on very rigid mattresses, and people with an average statistical weight to choose optimally the rigid model of the mattress, as this type will provide them with a high-quality and healthy sleep (under average statistical weight understand the choice and use of both rigid, and m 'which mattresses).

The size of the bed should correspond to the size of your bed, it should be 15 to 20 centimeters longer than a person sleeping on it. The width of a standard single mattress is 80 centimeters, the double is 160 centimeters.

When using all the tips, you will be able to purchase not only a quality mattress but also one that will satisfy all your requirements and wishes.