Woolacombe Beach in Devon is one of the toughest beaches in the UK to train for a marathon

Authored by tomdummer
Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2024 - 1:59pm

Did you know that Woolacombe is one of the toughest beaches in the UK to run a marathon? Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks were interested in seeing how many times you would need to run the length of Woolacombe Bay to train for a half or full marathon, as well as the benefits of running on a sandy surface. You can also take in the gorgeous views thanks to its beautiful cliffs and sand dunes. 

Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks are also pleased to be the main sponsor for the June North Devon AONB Marathon, who are helping to raise money for North Devon Hospice. 

According to the research, to train for a half marathon (13.1 miles) you need to run the length of Woolacombe beach 6.5 times, and to train for a full marathon (26.21 miles) you need to run the length of the beach 13.1 times. Some will see this as a no brainer in contrast to running in a busy city environment. A mixture of the training environment as well as the stunning location of Woolacombe Beach featuring miles of golden sand, rolling waves and sand dunes makes it a perfect combination! 

Wellbeing benefits running Woolacombe Beach 

As well as the physical training, there are many benefits to running on a softer surface such as sand. Running on a beach like Woolacombe can help you strengthen lesser used muscles, thanks to the uneven surface helping to strengthen your lower body limbs. Running on sand is much softer than running on pavement too, which also reduces the risk of injury should you accidentally fall whilst running. 

Woolacombe Beach is also open to dogs all year round, meaning your little four legged friend can also join in with your training should you wish!

How far is Woolacombe from Exeter?

You may already live in Devon and wish to try training on a beach like Woolacombe. The good news is that Woolacombe isn’t too far from Exeter, with the journey coming in at 54 miles (or a 1 hr 20 minute car ride up the A361). Or alternatively, you could decide on staying at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks for a few days to make your trip more of a holiday.

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