Things to Know When Moving to the UK
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Posted Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 3:43pm

UK Immigration Facts

When you decide to move to the UK permanently you will have to apply to the EU Settlement scheme. You will also have to apply for settlement if you are a Turkish business person or worker. The settlement is also possible in the event of a humanitarian or refugee protection situation. You can also apply for residence in the UK if you are a stateless person. You will have to prove that you have a legitimate right to be a resident in the UK.

In some cases, a person will have to apply for settlement when their partner dies especially if the settlement agreement was in the deceased person’s name. It can be a tedious process and therefore many people are wondering whether it is worth the effort.

On the positive side, the UK is a better than average country with an excellent healthcare system, it is a law-abiding country that provides people with freedom of movement something which is not always possible in many other countries.

On the other hand, living in the UK is not cheap and renting a place to stay is expensive and the same is true for the education of your children.

You Need to Provide Proof of Financial Security

it is possible to move to the UK even if you’re unemployed but in this scenario, you will be required to provide proof that you will be able to support yourself financially while you are living in the UK. You will also have to be an EU citizen or you will have to provide proof that you have British parents.

It is also possible to become a resident if you are on a student visa or are in the process of starting your own business. It must be remembered that shopping in the UK is on the expensive side while the crime rate is at moderate levels. As far as the pros and cons of residence in the UK are concerned people should know that outside of London wages can be on the low side.

However, the cost of living is reasonable but it must also be kept in mind that travel times have become worse since the Brexit agreements. Nevertheless, from the UK there is easy and affordable access to the rest of the continent. Health care is mostly free but unfortunately, there is sometimes a waiting list when one needs to see a GP, and when specialist care is necessary this can sometimes take months.

Permanent Citizenship

Before a person can apply for citizenship, they will have to provide proof that they had been living in the UK for at least a year after receiving permanent residence status. When one compares the UK with Japan, statistics show that the cost of living in the UK is approximately 15% lower than it will be in Japan. The same thing is true for the cost of renting a home because this also is approximately 25% cheaper than it will be in the USA or Japan.

According to statistics, a moderate lifestyle would cost you approximately $3,000 per month in London while in Tokyo it would cost you over $4,000 to live the same standard of life. Although London is said to be expensive, someone who is moving to the UK from Japan may find the cost of living in big cities in the UK comparatively cheap.

 The simple fact of the matter is that there are many aspects of the relocation to the UK which has to be considered very carefully before making a final decision.


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