Summer vacations - How to make them an exciting and thrilling experience?

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 11:33am

The best part about the summer is the vacations that we get for a period of seven to ten days. It is that time of the year when most of us plan to go out on a holiday. It almost becomes the priority for us and at the same time is a well deserved rest after a sapping year.

There are many places along the globe that can serve you with ideal summer vacations and Marrakech is one of the premier destinations that have almost everything for the visitors. When you go out for the Marrakech vacation, you will find ideal destinations for your stay in the luxury hotels and villas of the Marrakech town.

The place can be best described as a desert in the Mediterranean Sea as it receives less rainfall than the entire area in the region. The beautiful oasis and the deserts in the region captivate the attention of the tourists that come to Marrakech. The place is inhibited by the Berbers and is one of the oldest cities around the globe. There is so much to explore from the culture of the Berbers.

Spending some candid time with locals in Marrakech is one of the activities that one must undertake while on a tour. During the early summer, when the temperatures are just around 25 degree centigrade, Marrakech is crowded by the tourists from around the globe. It is quite easy to explore the beauty in these conditions as the climate is suitable.

Luxury villas to stay in Marrakech - The first thing that attracts the visitors like us is the luxurious and beautiful villas in Marrakech. The positive vibe and atmosphere makes these villas and resorts even more entertaining. I will recommend you to opt for the holiday homes rather than the hotels as you will have added degree of freedom. The place has wonders for the lovers of nightlife who can have a ball here in the Marrakech as it has various atrocities on offer for you.

Shop in the lane of Souks - If you are making a visit to the city of Marrakech, then it would be incomplete without having a tour to the lanes of Souks. You can get almost everything that you want in the lanes of Souks and it will definitely be a memorable shopping experience for you.

The biggest conundrum that you will have while shopping in the lane of Souks is what not to take home as everything is so enticing. But make sure that you are shopping for the items that you are easily able to take home with yourself. Sometimes, you tend to shop for more than you shall carry with yourself.

The dining tables, bags, wardrobes and many other things are available in the market. The things that you shall be careful and peculiar about is the quality of stuff that you will have. Some of the shops have stuffs that are better than some of the others. So, take a round of the market before you actually start shopping for the stuffs that you want.

Enjoy the sunset with a lovely camel ride in the deserts of Marrakech - This is probably the most satiating part of the journey that will make you to take a look at the beauty of the place in a better manner. The sight of the deserts getting drenched by the setting sun is a delight and it was quite an experience. You can also opt for the home visit and take a closer look at the life of people over there in the minted tea desert of the people of Marrakech.

It is quite an experience for you if you are a lover of the wildlife and want to know about the locals in a detailed manner. It actually helps you to understand the culture over the desert and people who are willing to explore will definitely find the tour a very interesting one.

When you go out for the camel ride, one thing that you must have with yourself is your camera that will help you to get some awesome clicks of the oasis. It is a blunder for you if you are not taking the camera as you will miss the chance to capture the sizzling beauty of the oasis.

Go for Hot air balloon ride with Berber breakfast - This one is for the adventure lovers and will fill your heart with joy and thrill. The hot balloon ride over the mountains is definitely an experience to cherish and remember for long time. The best time to go for the balloon ride is before sunrise.

You shall get to experience how the sun rises over the mountain which is a sight to behold. The feeling of being over the sun is something that you can feel only if you take the ride of the balloon. The experience becomes even more special with local Berber breakfast in the desert. You can go for a breakfast at a locals house and have mint tea with morning snacks. The feel of the place is so satiating and captivating that you will not want to go back.

The last part of the ride is the camel ride in the beautiful deserts of Marrakech that will make anyone to fall in love with the beauty of the place. By the time, you will reach your hotel in the evening; you will feel the fatigue and tiredness.

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