Six amazing travelling destinations for retirees

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Posted Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 9:51am

Travel and retirees are the perfect mix. Retirees have enough free time and can travel all over the world. And they usually have the budget to do it as well. 

If you are a retiree and you have completed your travelling bucket list, do not worry. In the following article, we will offer you to visit six amazing travelling destination. Be ready to pack your backs and leave – these destinations are a must-visit.

Alaska Cruise

If your passport is not ready, but you want to start travelling right now, we recommend you to go on an Alaskan Cruise. What is so great about the Alaskan Cruise? Well, there are several great things about it. First of all, the trip can be as active or as relaxing as you want it to be. 

There are all sorts of travelling companies, which offer Alaskan cruises. If you are into hiking, find a company that offers it. If you are more of a swimmer, you can paddle among the sea otters. And if you just want to relax – you can do it. In addition, there are several types of Alaskan cruises – some allow you to experience the Alaskan nature, and others allow you to cruise the charming Alaskan towns. 

Nevis, the Caribbean

It is easy to get to the Caribbean and there are tens of different islands you can visit. The Caribbean symbolises the ultimate tropical getaway. If you love sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, the Caribbean is the place for you. 

Nevis is a Caribbean island, preferred by retirees, as it is unique and peaceful. What is more, there are no late-time celebrations on Nevis, which makes it an ideal destination for retirees. Nevis is one of the Caribbean’s greenest islands, so here you will enjoy lush vegetation. 

Cuisine is another great thing about Nevis. The traditional cuisine of Nevis is a fusion of American, European, and African cuisines. In conclusion, here you can taste the most delicious locally grown mangoes and tamarind. 

Las Vegas

If you have never been in Vegas, then you must visit Sin City in your golden years. Vegas might not be ideal for those retirees who enjoy a relaxing holiday, but it is the perfect destinations for those who want to have some fun at a casino. 

Las Vegas and listing of online casinos can be visited any time of the year – casinos never shut, not even for Christmas. We recommend you to visit Sin City either in spring or in autumn, because in the summer it gets really hot and humid. On the other side, in the summer you will have a chance to dive in one of Vegas’ swimming pools. 

As we mentioned, Vegas casinos never close. If you are into gambling, we recommend before visiting one of the casinos on the Strip firstly to read this article about casinos in Las Vegas – there you will find some of Vegas’ most visited casinos. What is more, some of Vegas’ best restaurants are also situated on the Strip. 


Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily is a must-visit island. Travel to Sicily and you will have the unique opportunity to enjoy its breathtaking ocean views, better than those on the Caribbean. While you, you can visit the Valley of the Temples, taste Europe’s most delicious wine, and enjoy the unique Sicilian cuisine. In Sicily, you can taste arancini – Sicilian rice balls, caponata, which is an eggplant stew, and, naturally, pizza. 

If you want the trip to cost you less, money, you can travel off season – at that time both airfares and hotels, and even restaurants offer substantially lower rates. 


If you do not find the Caribbean attractive enough, then Hawaii might be the destination for you. Hawaii is the perfect destination for retirees who do not like long airplane trips. 

Hawaii consists of six islands. Take the plane and in a few hours you will be touring Hawaii’s magnificent nature. Visit the dramatic cliffs of the Napali Coast on the island of Kauai, or the breath-taking shores of Waikiki beach on the island on Oahu. In Hawaii, you can even see dolphins in the waters of Hulopoe Bay on Lanai. 


Most Westerners do not know much about Macau, which makes it all the more appealing destination. A region in East Asia, Macau is known as the world’s gambling capital, generating three times more than Vegas in gambling revenues. 

According to this comprehensive article on TripsToDiscover, you can visit one of its highly praised casinos, where you can play roulette, slots, blackjack, and many more. 

If you are not into gambling, we recommend you to visit Macau’s A-Ma-Gau temple, which is dedicated to the goddess of seafarers. This temple dates from the early 16thcentury. Incidentally, Macau’s name is derived from the name of the beautiful A-Ma-Gau temple. In addition, Macau boasts the world’s first fusion cuisine – Macansese cuisine is a mix of Portugal and Chinese traditional cuisines.