How to stay safe when travelling to another country

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - 10:17am

Safety must be a priority when travelling to another country. You don't want to encounter problems that could put your life at risk. So here are some tips to ensure you're safe during the trip. 

Select an excellent destination

Make sure you visit a country where you won't have to worry about health and safety. Check local advisories and avoid going to these places. Since the pandemic, these advisories have constantly been changing. Be open to the cancellation of your trip even a day before schedule.

Take the necessary medical precaution 

Some countries require you to get vaccinated or get denied entry. With the pandemic, vaccination requirements are more prevalent across destinations. Consult with your doctor and ensure you’re fit to travel. If asked not to pursue your plan, you must heed the advice. 

Buy a medical pack 

You can’t travel without a travel pack containing items for first-aid. You might even need antibiotic prescriptions from You don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere and experience medical emergencies. You need the kit to sustain life until a medical doctor provides help. You have even more reasons to prepare if you have pre-existing medical conditions. 

Get health insurance 

In some countries, comprehensive medical insurance is a requirement for entry. Without one, officials might deny your access to the country even if you have the necessary documents. Even without the requirement, you should still get insurance. For example, you want to visit the hospital when you have a medical problem. You can't have second thoughts because of financial issues. Remember that you will probably bring the amount needed for the trip. You won’t consider medical bills. With your insurance, you will feel confident to seek immediate medical attention.  

Fly back at the earliest flight during an emergency

Whether it’s a health or safety issue, you must be willing to cut your trip short if necessary. Find an early flight and get back home. It doesn’t matter if the news remains vague. Things develop quickly, and you can't wait until it's too late to do something. For instance, when the coronavirus pandemic became widespread, flights got cancelled. As a result, several borders closed, and thousands of travellers got stuck. They had no choice but to stay in a foreign country without financial assistance. You don't want to experience these issues. It's even more critical if it's a security problem. If you're visiting risky countries, always be vigilant. Leave as soon as the situation starts to be unstable. 

Travel with a local

Find a local to help you during the trip. If you can afford to pay a tour guide, it helps. You will also receive help in translations. It can be overwhelming to be in a foreign country where no one understands you. If you can't afford to pay a guide, make friends with the locals. Arrange a meet up with someone from the area. You can also ask questions about the country before heading there. You will feel more confident about how the trip will go. 

Keep yourself updated

Changes happen all the time. Even if you planned everything to the smallest detail, your trip might still go the wrong way. Hence, you should try your best to stay updated. Listen to local and international news. Stay in touch with your family members at home and let them know about your location. If you experience problems, find a way to contact your embassy and receive help. Provide more details about your issue and listen to the instructions about what to do next. 

With these tips, you can survive your trip and avoid unwanted incidents from happening.

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