A Guide to Easy Getaway in the UK

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Thursday, June 27, 2024 - 11:51am

Summer in the UK is now in full swing, and you might be eager to make the most of the season. Fortunately, the country is packed with amazing things to see and do, which means that, wherever you might be, you're never more than a short drive away from an unforgettable weekend – or just a day trip.

Getting the most from your getaway, however, means following a few simple rules of thumb. Let's run through several of the most important of these.

Type of getaway

First, you'll want to consider the type of break you're going to plan. If you're getting tired of the urban commute, then you might seek a break out in the wilderness. If you'd prefer some culture and excitement, you might head into the middle of a busy city.

A getaway isn't just a chance to explore the country, of course; it's also a social opportunity. If you have friends spread across the country whom you haven't seen for a while, why not check in with them?

Planning for a daycation

If you're heading out for a single day, then your time will be extremely limited – which makes planning in advance all the more important. Make sure that you set aside enough time for travel, and that you have your packing done the night before. Tickets for any attractions should be booked in advance. If you have an electric car to charge, then research the charging facilities along the way. In general, the less time you spend wondering what you're going to do next, the more time you'll be able to spend actually enjoying your break.

Don't break the bank

If you'd like to limit the overall cost of your trip, then a day-long adventure can be advantageous. After all, you're cutting out the cost of accommodation, which can, in many cases, be significant.

Many attractions can be very affordable, if not free. Research your options in the area you're travelling to. Pack your own lunch. If you are a member of the National Trust or English Heritage, then it might be that you've already paid for entry to an amazing country house, castle, or area of amazing woodland.

Finally, it's worth thinking about when you're travelling. During peak time, demand is higher, and the crowds will be thicker. Prices can often be higher, too.

Tips for getting there

If you're going on a long drive, then you might want to share your driving duties with other people. In this case, getting temporary car insurance can be very useful. If you're renting a car, the insurance is often bundled – but it's worth clarifying this in advance, if you don't want any extra expenses to deal with.

On the other hand, you might take the train to your destination. If you're going for a city break, then you might find that this is the most affordable and practical way to travel.

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