Get the Most Out of Your Money When Travelling

We all want to travel and see the world, and with there being more opportunity today, pre and post university students are booking their tickets, packing their bags and setting flight before committing to a full-time job.

The world is full of diverse culture, where you’ll get to experience differing foods, languages, beliefs and environments, so we’re not surprised there’s been an influx in travel bloggers. If you’re lucky, you could create your own blog and become sponsored as companies and businesses pay for you to continue flying around the world. However, not all of us will become travel blogger success stories.

Therefore, here are a few tips on how to save, spend and invest your money for upcoming adventures.

Buy the Best Backpack

Retailers and websites won’t always give you the right advice as they’ll try to sell you the biggest and (probably) most expensive backpack in stock. However, before you set foot into a store, make sure you create a list stating the functions you need in your backpack and what could be considered unnecessary. Buying a backpack should be thoroughly researched, and you should invest in the best quality bag you can afford. This bag is going to be on your back for hours or days on end, holding your most prized possessions. Therefore, trying to save a few pounds could mean ripped seams, your clothes becoming drenched in rainfall, and uncomfortableness.

Manage Your Money

Getting control of your finances when travelling can be the ultimate nightmare. Therefore, make sure you have plans in place for any setbacks that may occur. This means popping into your local branch and explaining you’re going abroad, ensuring any activity in certain countries is not “unusual.” The last thing you want is your bank halting your transactions, stopping you from paying for meals or a hostel room.

Also, make sure you research different ways of accessing your money. If you’re travelling to multiple countries, you’re not going to be carrying cash. Plus, cash-in-hand could make you more vulnerable to theft. Instead, if you’re visiting one country, get in contact with the Post Office who can offer you travel cards where you upload an amount from your bank account to the travel card via an app. You incur no extra costs unless you take money out from an ATM.

Sometimes when travelling, you must plan for the worst, especially when money is involved. If you run out of money, certain companies offer services where remittances may be made without any surprises.

Feast Where the Locals Eat

One of the perks of travelling means you get to try lots of different cuisines which are local, fresh and well made. Rather than eating at expensive ‘international’ restaurants that aren’t too dissimilar from the ones back at home, keep an eye out for street food vendors or small restaurants. Not only will the quality of food be better and far tastier, but it will also be cheaper. Asia is a fine example of this.

Of course, saving money doesn’t mean missing out on once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as skydiving, but looking after your bank account could enable you to extend your one month of travelling into three, four or even a year.