Ways to Start a New Life after Recovery

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Sunday, May 5, 2019 - 8:33pm

Withdrawing from drug addiction is a complicated process. It requires a lot of patience, support, and willpower to do away with a life that revolved around alcohol and drugs. However, starting a new life after recovery is way much trickier. As many addicts would say, it feels like stepping out of a cab and joining a different world. Here are ways you can step back into the world after dropping drugs and live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Avoid bad company

More often than not, drug addicts have confessed starting drugs through the influence of friends. Therefore, the first step towards a complete withdrawal is avoiding addict friends and who may be of evil influence. The truth is that friends who use drugs may not approve your drug-free life and thus tempt you to slide back into your old habits. According to the experts, it’s advisable to even shift to new locations to avoid bumping into the same old friends who introduced you to the drugs. Also, it’s advisable to stay away from activities such as parties which may trigger a relapse.

2. Become a motivational speaker

As stated earlier, withdrawing from drug addiction is a complicated process. From an addict’s perspective, a successful recovery from the condition can be termed as a great achievement. You can, therefore, start your new life as a motivational speaker, to help those who are still misusing the drugs or recovering. Engaging in such an activity can help you remain active, thus avoiding situations that can trigger a relapse. Besides, the fact that you get a role to guide people keeps you on the right track as you remain a role-model for your audience.

Also, it feels nice talking to people who are experiencing a problem you've overcome. With the experience, you're aware of the questions to ask a drug addict without offending them. You must understand that asking questions is essential when it comes to engaging with an addict or any other audience. They help keep the conversation lively while evaluating if the victim has a problem with drugs or not. In return, your life-story helps inform the affected party why it’s essential to ask for help on matters related to drug addiction.

3. Find new hobbies/activities

During your drug addiction period, your free time probably revolved around how you would get another fix or recovering from being drunk or high. Therefore, during the withdrawal period, it’s advisable to get your life busy to avoid triggering these old habits. You can get your life active and find new hobbies and activities. For example, you can join a club, take a new class, watch movies or even hang out with the family. Reading and traveling are also some of the few ways you can keep yourself occupied while enjoying the new life.

4. Join a support group

Recovering from drug addiction is a complex process, and that requires a stronger support system. That’s why you’re always advised to join a support group. Most of these groups comprise of people who are still fighting addiction and those that have fully recovered. Attending a session with such individuals feels fulfilling as they are people whom you share a similar experience. The idea here is not only to join a group, but also to attend all the sessions. Attending the meetings is essential as they help prevent frequent relapses.

5. Secure a job

As stated earlier, the crucial step towards recovering from addiction is getting busy, and it involves getting a job. Unfortunately, most employers are scared of bringing recovering addicts onboard because of disappointments. Luckily, there are those that believe in second chances and go ahead to allow the addicts to work in their companies.

The feeling of being a burden, especially financially, can be stressing and trigger a relapse. Thankfully, securing a new job can bring you back on your foot, economically. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to get that job. You can use the help of your family, friends or even your rehabilitation center to get job referrals.

Contrary to popular belief, quitting drugs doesn’t only require willpower and patience. It does need stronger support systems and finance also among many other factors. It’s wise to note that the recovery journey doesn’t end with a visit to the rehab center. There is much more involved in the process of starting a new life. Highlighted in this article are some of the steps you can take to jumpstart your new life free from drugs. These steps are worth considering even though some of them might be hard to take.


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