Tips to hiring an Online Therapist

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - 6:29am

Online therapy services for people with mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety can help manage such health conditions. One can get such help through referrals at the workplace, school, or from friends and family. Alternatively, one may find an online therapist, join support groups and online forums for mental health support or enroll in webinars, courses, and workshops on mental health. Proper screening, asking for their references and, having a contract with the therapist ensures that they do not violate it, and if they do, one can take legal action. 

There are also various mobile apps and mental health hotlines that one can seek help. Online therapy is a preference for many because of the following reasons

  • low cost
  • it suits people of all ages
  • easily accessible
  • higher confidentiality
  • Convenience
  • Greater resourcefulness

  Factors to consider when hiring an online therapist

1. Professionalism

 Hiring an online therapist with experience and training can help yield the best results within a short time. To confirm that the candidates qualify, one should consider hiring an online therapist from online therapy service providers. They do thorough investigations and demand proof of the qualifications and experience from the therapists before hiring them.

2. Area of specialization

 Therapists specialize in marriage and family matters, eating disorders, and trauma. You will also find specialists in psychiatrist medicine, depression, and teen counseling. Most online therapy services offer diverse services to their clients. Identifying the best can help one to know the ideal therapist depending on their mental health challenges.

3. Delivery methods

 Online therapists may opt for live sessions, text communications, or video and audio records or phones. Choosing the right online therapist may differ from one person to another since people have different counseling needs. To help one decide on the type of online therapy they should seek, they may consider the following aspects;

  • Timing of the counseling sessions
  • Instant feedback
  • Follow up and counseling with the same therapist all the time
  • Type of interactions; does one need structured interactions, periodic or regular professional interactions?

4. Communication skills and attention to details

 An online therapist should help clients to navigate through mental issues to improve the quality of their lives. Their main aim should be to assist mental health clients through past experiences that contribute to their mental health challenges and make the present better and more enjoyable. Having good communication skills helps the client to open up on issues facing them. Online therapy is effective if a therapist pays attention to detail to the information that clients share. It can help one know the best form of treatment for the client. Online therapists should also not be judgmental. Some clients have a history of illegal dealings or immoral behavior. Accepting such confessions without being judgmental helps build trust with clients, and that will speed up their healing process. 

5. Cost of service

 The cost of online therapy depends on the type of therapy you are seeking. The rates for group therapies, support groups therapy, marital or children therapy differ. Another cost determinant is the credentials of the therapist, time, and payment method. Some online therapists accept insurance coverage, and others take cash, and the rates will differ depending on your payment method. Some therapists apply sliding scale payment such that if you earn more, you pay more or offer some free counseling sessions to reduce the cost of service. Professional online therapist service providers also track the treatment cost to ensure that the clients fully understand what the medical bill includes. Mental health treatment and management are expensive. But getting effective therapy is the value you get for your money since it helps improve your life. Reviewing various online therapy services providers to compare the costs and other aspects can help identify affordable mental health help online. Before deciding on the most appropriate online therapist for your mental condition, consider the type of service and cost first.

 Online therapy is effective in the treatment of mental health conditions. But it faces challenges in terms of limited communication since it is impossible to read clients' non-verbal cues that can give insights into the level of mental health condition. Online therapists also face challenges reading the body language of their clients online, and that affects online therapy effectiveness. Other challenges are technical difficulties and legal issues where the online therapy guidelines are not clear. Overall, seeking mental health online or enrolling for physical counseling in professional counseling companies can help one manage any mental condition and improve their lives. 


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