Porcelain veneers and dental implants can make a smile better!

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, July 12, 2019 - 12:41am

Many people have heard about different dental surgeries and there are a number of them out there. Lately, though, there has been more talk of porcelain veneers and dental implants, but many people have little idea as to what they actually are. The truth is that these modern-day little marvels are more than just something cosmetic. They have many uses, including the restoration of a person’s smile.

First, let’s start with what porcelain veneers and dental implants are. The best place to begin is with porcelain veneers. This might sound like something you do to renovate the tub in your bathroom, but what might surprise you is that it really isn’t all that different! For some people, one or more of their teeth suffer irreversible yellowing or even may turn black. This can be the result of any number of incidents that can occur in one’s life. Although personal dental hygiene can be a contributing factor, there are other things that can occur to one’s teeth that can result on discolouration.

The most obvious ones are the food we eat and the liquids we drink. Things like coffee, red wine, and pasta sauce can lead to this discoloration of the teeth. This is the most common reason for teeth to yellow, but there are other things that can occur, too. Other reasons can be the result of medications, fluorosis, or even a major blow to the tooth in question. Fluorosis, incidentally, is a discoloration that can occur to the teeth through excessive use of fluoride while the teeth are still growing.

When a person has this discoloration, and it can be unsightly, a porcelain veneer can then be used to cover the original color of the teeth. This veneer is a coating that is placed over the tooth and can even alter its shape. It’s a common reaction to be concerned that the veneer might somehow come loose, but it’s actually bonded to the surface of the tooth.

The use of veneers isn’t limited to just tooth discoloration, though. For people who have teeth that have worn down a bit over time, a porcelain veneer can restore that pristine look again. There are also people who have had their teeth chip from various accidents and a veneer can restore the original look of the tooth.

Veneers also have a surprising application for people who have misaligned teeth or ones that are malformed for various reasons. In some cases, a veneer can alter the shape of teeth and so are able to correct the look of teeth that are crooked.

For people with gaps in their front teeth who find it unflattering, veneers can be applied to close the gap between their teeth, giving a more even smile.

A dental implant is any type of device that is implanted in the bone. There were ones that used to sit on top of the bone, but they are no longer in use. The use of dental implants is to function as a support or replacement to dentures. Indeed, there are many people who have lost teeth who want something that isn’t as uncomfortable as dentures can be.

This is a more expensive process to go through, but proper dental implants can last over twenty-five years, when cared for properly. So, what are they exactly? It’s a little complicated, but they are essentially a kind of device that is screwed into the jawbone so as to properly anchor the implant. From there additional parts are placed on the crew and set in place so that the result is an implant that looks exactly like a tooth.

The uses of these are to take the place of dentures in the long term, but dental implants can also be used to properly anchor a denture as well.

The advantages to the use of implants and veneers may seem purely cosmetic, but there are cases where people have lost most or all of their teeth. In these instances, dentures aren’t much of an option due to the sheer number of missing teeth. Put simply,the results for a person choosing dentures would be a little uncomfortable. For full reconstruction of their teeth, dental implants are a must. The same is true for teeth that might be rescued from being pulled, but outwardly are banged up, cracked, or broken. A permanent fix must be applied, or the tooth’s health will eventually worsen. Veneers are a perfect way of ensuring that these cracks are “filled in”, so to speak. 

The modern innovation of dental implants and veneers have aided people immensely in having healthier, brighter smiles. In today’s world where a lot can hang on a person’s smile, these new procedures have vastly changed the world of dentistry.

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