Legal consequences of using cannabis in UK

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Posted Monday, November 25, 2019 - 4:28am

Since 1928, cannabis consumption in the UK is illegal. This despite UK boasting top position as the leading cannabis supplier of legal cannabis. While behind closed doors people use cannabis products for recreational reasons, the law remains adamant on upholding the laws that bar people from consuming it.

Cannabis is classified as a class B drug. The law is clear that you can only consume cannabis if it is for medical reasons. You must, however, have a valid medical marijuana prescription from a licensed specialist.

Read on to find out more concerning cannabis usage and the legal consequences of breaking the law.

Different Ways People use Cannabis in the UK

It is no surprise to find people using cannabis products manufactured from cannabis strains like hemp. Hemp may have a significantly lower TCH content but is still classified as cannabis. Cannabis is fancied by many because of its intoxicating effects. It is also used industrially as a lucrative money-making venture.

Some of the ways people use cannabis include,

  • Recreation Uses

Failure by the government to regulate cannabis use and consumption could expose the population to a ton of risks, one of them being addiction. The law is quite reluctant to let people use cannabis products freely, blame this on the lack of adequate research or information pertaining to cannabis.

This, however, doesn’t keep people from trading it in hiding or using its oil, seeds, and fiber for their own individual reasons. In fact, recent research reveals that cannabis is the most used and abused illegal drug in the UK, with the main culprits being people between the ages of 16 and 59.

Mainly, users prefer to smoke cannabis as a blunt or in its vaporized form as a recreational pass time. You will get arrested and prosecuted if found smoking cannabis or using it for any other recreational purpose because it is illegal.

  • Using Cannabis as Animal Feed

People who rear pigeons, or keep fowls, rats, and mice as pets use cannabis seeds as animal feed. There have been efforts to try and use cannabis seed waste as animal feed once it is processed after extracting cannabis oil. 

But while the cannabis seed waste remains quite nutritious for animals to feed on, too much of it could lead to poor health in your pets. Plus, it doesn’t taste as good as normal cannabis seeds.

Alternatively, fishers are known to use boiled cannabis seeds as fish bait too. The cannabis plant fiber also makes for comfortable animal bedding as it is soft and less likely to get wet from constant exposure to humid conditions. 

You will not suffer prosecution or risk being arrested if you use cannabis as animal feed or as fish bait.

  • Industrial Uses

From as far back as 1993, farmers in the UK have had their applications to grow cannabis approved. The UK government allows the licensing of cannabis farmers if their purpose is to cultivate and export their produce to other cannabis markets globally. 

In fact, the government, through the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs-DEFRA offers free advice on hemp industrialization and gives financial assistance to hemp growers in a bid to boost the sector.

You will, therefore, suffer no harsh legal consequences if you use cannabis for industrial purposes.

Cannabis Laws in the UK

According to the law, you have to be above 21 years to be licensed as a cannabis dealer or to be allowed to purchase cannabis seeds in the UK. But what exactly does the law state about the sale, possession, and purchase of cannabis? Read on to find out.

  • You must acquire a license to be allowed to legally sell and trade cannabis products in the UK
  • Legally, you can only hold a limited amount of cannabis or cannabis seeds
  • Whether you are an approved cannabis seller or buyer, you are not allowed to cultivate or grow cannabis 
  • Licensed sellers are barred from selling cannabis whose TCH content is above 0.2%
  • You must show proof of prescription if you want to buy or if you’re carrying/ using medical cannabis
  • You are barred from sharing or trading cannabis products if you’re not approved
  • You will be arrested and charged if you are found operating machinery under the influence of cannabis

Legal Consequences of using Cannabis in the UK

Being a class B drug, illegal cannabis use attracts hefty penalties. If you are found using, dealing, or producing cannabis without necessary approval, you risk getting fined or serving jail time. Some of the legal consequences of using cannabis in the UK include,

  • Receiving a stern warning if you’re caught in possession of a small amount of cannabis as a first-time offender
  • If you are a repeat cannabis possession offender, you are subject to an unlimited fine. You could also get jailed for five years or both.
  • Unlicensed dealing, selling or production of cannabis may land you in jail for a period of up to 14 years in prison

The cannabis laws are ever-changing. There are organizations working to promote the legalization of marijuana in the UK. However, there are opposing forces advocating for further laws barring the use and consumption of marijuana in the UK.

As a responsible citizen, it is your job to stay updated and informed about any changes in the Uk cannabis laws.  

In conclusion

It is true that up to 67 percent of all the arrests made last year involved cases of illegal use and possession of marijuana. This should be a cause for you to uphold the law to avoid facing serious consequences.

There’s an ongoing debate on the legalities surrounding growing, buying, storing, and selling cannabis in the UK. The goal is for legislators to loosen the strict laws while at the same time ensuring that people do not abuse cannabis and that there’s prevailing order in dealing with cannabis. If you are planning to buy cannabis seeds, you can visit WeedSeedShop.

Constantly keep referring to the law to understand what its provisions are. This article contains details that help you get a better understanding of what the cannabis laws are in the UK and what you risk facing if you are found in possession of illegal cannabis.  If you still find it difficult to grip, it is always a good idea to ask for further clarification from your licensed cannabis dealer.

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