Common problems with dental implant surgery

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Saturday, September 18, 2021 - 5:45pm

Dental implants are a great alternative to false teeth and the procedure is widely avaialble in Turkey. This permanent solution gives you a natural smile without the inconvenience of constantly removing, readjusting and cleaning dentures. But it’s important to know the potential risks and side effects before you go ahead with this invasive procedure.

Your dentist in Turkey will discuss all of the potential problems in advance of your procedure. But if you’re still undecided, Premium Dental Turkey has compiled a list of potential problems associated with dental implants.


Dental standards in Turkey are among the highest in the world. Dentists go to enormous lengths to ensure the risk of infection is minimized. As an extra precaution, your Turkish dentist might put you on a course of antibiotics immediately after your procedure. Nevertheless, dental implants involve an invasive procedure, and the risk of infection can never be completely removed.

Complications due to pre-existing conditions

Your dentist will need to give you a thorough examination before performing dental implant surgery. You’ll be asked about any pre-existing medical conditions that might complicate both your recovery and the efficacy of the procedure. Conditions such as diabetes, cancer, gum disease and irradiated jaws can all lead to post-operative complications. Habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol regularly can also have an impact.

Substandard dental standards

When you decide to have dental implants in Turkey, it’s important to check that your chosen dentist has professional credentials and a proven track record of excellence. Premium Dental Turkey has a demonstrable record of safety and success in the field of dental implants. All the dentists we work with are fully certified, vetted and highly experienced.

Complications caused by poor oral hygiene

Dental implants won’t succeed in the long-term if you don’t look after your teeth and adhere to good oral hygiene practices. To keep your implants looking their best, you should be brushing them at least twice a day. Flooding regularly is also important, as this will reduce the risk of gum disease — which can have a devastating impact on dental implants.

Incorrect placement

Premium Dental Turkey works with dentists who take planning and preparation very seriously. This is because extensive planning can prevent the incorrect placement of dental implants. An implant that’s just a millimeter or two out of place can spoil the overall aesthetic. A good dentist in Turkey will determine the exact area and angle for every implant before proceeding.

Receding gums

In rare cases, the patient might experience receding gums after the fitting of dental implants. This can lead to some inflammation and pain. In very rare cases, a dental implant might need to be removed to alleviate the symptoms.

Loose implants

A dental implant requires a few weeks to fuse with the jawbone. In very rare cases, the implant fails to bond, causing it — and the prosthetic tooth — to loosen. Your dentist might decide to remove the implant and reattempt the procedure at a later date.

Nerve damage

In exceptionally rare instances, dental implants can lead to nerve damage. Related symptoms include numbness around the area, persistent pain and pins and needles. This occurs when the surgeon places the implant too close to a nerve. Even less rare are problems related to excessive force on the jaw and sinus issues.

There are small risks involved with any type of surgery. That’s why you need to choose a dentist with the correct credentials and a proven track record of safety. At Premium Dental Turkey, we only work with high-calibre, vastly experienced dentists and dental surgeons, so you can book your next procedure in complete confidence.



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