4 Yoga Tricks to Increase Your Endurance

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted Tuesday, May 31, 2022 - 6:21am

Do you regularly exercise but often run out of breath even before finishing a single session? Yoga can help you boost your endurance levels and prevent you from feeling wiped out after an exercise session or completing a spinning class. Although yoga is mostly associated with mindfulness, flexibility, and wellness, the right exercises help channel enough energy flow that holistically builds endurance.

No matter how long you've not exercised, making yoga part of your daily life positively impacts your mind and body. Yoga has several health benefits, including increasing metabolism, reducing stress levels, and improving general fitness levels. Athletes also rely on yoga to gain strength and boost performance and stability. Below are four yoga tricks that can boost your endurance and make you stronger and fitter.

  1. Boat Pose

If you want an exercise that can boost your muscle strength, especially in the abdominal area, you should try the boat pose. Sit on a yoga mat and keep your legs straight to perform this yoga pose. Next, with your hands resting on your hips and your spine erect, lean backward slightly and raise your feet. Lastly, bring your arms forward and keep your body balanced on your buttocks.

Stay firmly in this position, and keep your toes at eye level with the spine straight. Hold on to this pose for about a minute, then release and repeat. This pose strengthens the hip joint, abdominal muscles, and hip flexors. You'll also have improved body steadiness and more muscular shoulders, arms, and thigh muscles.

  1. Child Pose

Child pose, also called Balasana, is excellent for relaxation to give your body the energy and stamina to perform your daily tasks. To perform child pose exercises, you need to sit on your heels, preferably on a yoga mat, keeping your knees wide apart or together. Lean forward as you exhale and rest your forehead on blocks, and keep both arms alongside your body. Next, let your belly rest between your thighs, hold your position for about 10 seconds, and repeat.

While making the child pose, always find a comfortable place to rest your forehead, such as stacked fists or blocks for yoga. This way, you'll find the energy point between the eyebrows. Both yoga experts and beginners can practice the Balasana pose apart from people suffering from knee injuries or pregnant women.

Some of the benefits of the Balasana pose include:

• Release tension in the shoulders, back, and chest

• Reduce stress and anxiety

• Relieve back pain

• Eliminate fatigue

  1. Bridge Pose

The bridge pose is the ideal exercise to tone your pelvic muscles to increase strength and stamina. To do the bridge pose exercise, lie down on a yoga mat on your back, lift your buttocks, and keep your knees bent until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Also, keep both arms next to your body to form a bridge shape.

Maintain the pose for about one minute and keep breathing deeply. Then, slowly let go of the bridge pose, relax, and repeat the variation. This pose helps stretch your spine, neck, and chest, strengthening your buttock, hamstrings, and back. Moreover, it calms the brain, alleviates stress, and boosts blood circulation.

  1. Camel Pose

The camel pose, also referred to as Ustrasana, helps boost your endurance and energy levels. To perform the camel pose, kneel on a yoga mat, keep your feet together, and make sure your body remains straight. Bend your spine and head backward without spraining. Rest your hands on the heels of your feet and hold on to this position for a few seconds.

Ustrasana helps strengthen your shoulders and back, which improves your stamina. You'll also have improved respiration by opening up your chest and also expands the abdominal area. Moreover, the camel pose improves posture, relieves back pain, and loosens the vertebrae.

The Bottom Line

The benefits of yoga are not only mental but also physical and emotional. Implementing the above yoga tricks helps boost your endurance levels and build the energy needed to tackle your day-to-day activities effectively and efficiently.

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