A Trademark is a Global Icon for Gourmets' Tables - Laudemio

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Sunday, May 15, 2022 - 8:49am

Laudemio was the harvested flower in the middle Ages, and it was the part of the harvest that was given to the lords' meal. Today, the Laudemio trademark is a global icon for gourmets' tables. It is admired by those who appreciate Tuscany's amazing oil art and masterpieces. The rules of Laudemio's entire production process, from the natural growth of olive trees to the selected selection of the fruit at its ripening peak, are history, tradition, sincerity, and respect for this land and environment. Following harvest, the olives are ready to be transformed into the so-called green gold of Tuscany by a cold extraction procedure that leads to bottling and careful preservation of the product.

Companies who grow olives for this valuable oil submit their product to two highly strict commissions and specific control bodies. Only the greatest extra-virgin olive oil made by the best producers is tasted to make the final decision. Authentic, integral oil has the option of using the Laudemio brand. This is why each drop of Laudemio is a distinct and clear representation of the fruit, land, place, and time that distinguishes each producer.

Where does it come from?

The hills that dominate the Florence and Arno valleys are suitable for organic farming since their elevation protects the olives from flies. The farm I Bonsi, located in the municipality of Reggello at roughly 400 metres, covers more than 300 hectares. Between the towns of Florence and Arezzo, the farm is nestled among hills and mountains. A certified organic oil is made here. It has a bright green colour, a strong and distinct aroma reminiscent of fresh grasses, a refined flavour reminiscent of fresh artichoke, a spicy and bitter taste and a scent reminiscent of mature olives.

The oil generated on this farm is a key component in the Laudemio production process. It is possible to explore historic vineyards and taste the company's products, including its superb, organic honey, in this structure, which is also a beautiful, quintessentially Tuscan farm vacation.

Other olive-growing and processing businesses can be found dispersed throughout the famed hills of San Gimignano, all the way up to the province of Arezzo. However, the majority of businesses are concentrated in the green crown that runs from Florence to the Apennine Mountains, passing through towns like Fiesole, Bagno a Ripoli, and Pontassieve.

This oil is designed for those that value both quality and fashion. Despite competition from other Mediterranean countries, this trademark enabled Tuscan oils to appear on all export lists for luxury alimentary items.



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