The Dhoom! Burger by Heinz and Absurd Bird

Heinz teams up with Absurd Bird in Exeter to unveil new plant-based DHOOM! burger

Authored by Jemma
Posted Monday, January 17, 2022 - 12:45pm

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, Heinz and the fried chicken experts at Absurd Bird have gone ‘clucking mad’ and created a succulent limited-edition burger, with the nation’s favourites: Heinz Beanz and Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

The DHOOM! Burger, meaning ‘explosion’ in Hindi, is a plant-based dish like no other which showcases a new and exciting way to enjoy Britain’s most-loved store cupboard staples. With flavours influenced by Mumbai, the burger packs a fiery plant-based punch and will certainly turn up the temperature this month.

Available at Absurd Bird within Exeter’s Guildhall until the 31st of January*, the DHOOM! Burger features Heinz Tomato Ketchup grown from rich sun-ripened tomatoes, along with a sizzling blast of chilli and ginger, to create a zingy tandoori-inspired sauce.

And it doesn’t stop there. The burger comes complete with masala refried Heinz Beanz, a blend of three crucial ingredients: the Beanz, the tomatoes, and a top-secret spice mix, as well as Absurd Bird’s crispy vegan chick’n fillet stacked high with chat pata pickles, coriander, and a Maharashtrian shengdana peanut crumble, all nestled comfortably in a toasted vegan brioche bun.

Asmita Singh, Marketing Lead, UK Foodservice at Kraft Heinz said: “Lashings of rich Heinz Tomato Ketchup make everything better – from burgers and fries to samosas and savoury snacks. Teaming up with Absurd Bird was an amazing way to take a new journey with the Unmistakeable Taste of Heinz. Here we showcase how you can elevate any dish by using our brilliantly simple products with a twist. We hope this burger lands with a DHOOM! and shows once again that plant-based can be packed with flavour and excites a variety of diners, from vegans to flexitarians and curious carnivores.”

Phil Hinitt, Brand Manager, Absurd Bird said: “At Absurd Bird we are crazy about flavours, and our dedicated team draw inspiration from our native countries and beyond to develop unique combinations. Our new vegan DHOOM! Burger is an amalgamation of our classic American fried chicken and Heinz staples rethought to create a loaded plant-based burger, stuffed with textures and flavours found in the bazaars of Mumbai. From the freshness of the chat pickles to the sweet and sour of the mango slaw, the crunchiness of the chick’n and the kick of the ketchup, it’s bursting with flavour in every bite.”

The DHOOM! Burger will also be available via Just Eat and Uber Eats to those living nearby, and a version of the recipe will be available for members of the public to try at home**.

For over 150 years, Heinz has stocked the nation’s pantries with delicious products that are Made from Plants. And this month, in addition to the DHOOM! Burger, the original plant pioneers at Heinz are going one step further, collaborating with Channel 4 to launch a brand-new comedy series, dubbed ‘Flex Kitchen’. Viewers can expect to see top comedians, Alex Brooker, Kerry Godliman, Suzi Ruffell, Lou Sanders and Phil Wang, cook up a plant-based storm for some very demanding diners. The first episode is now streaming on All4.

For more information, please visit Heinz and Absurd Bird social channels:

Heinz UK Twitter: @HeinzUK

Heinz UK Instagram: @heinz_uk

Heinz UK Facebook: @Heinz UK

Absurd Bird Instagram: @absurdbirduk



*Deliveries will be available until the 31st January and within a 2km radius from the local Absurd Bird restaurant 

**DHOOM! Burger Recipe (if you want to make a version of the burger at home)


1 x vegan burger bun

2 x meat-free burger patties

½ x tin Heinz beanz

4 x slices of cucumber

1 x slice red onion

50ml x apple cider vinegar

3g x salt

60g x Pataks - Mild Curry Paste

50ml x Heinz tomato ketchup

30g x roasted peanuts

10g x mild curry powder

30g x coriander

40g x premade Coleslaw

20g x mango Chutney


Preheat oven and follow instructions to oven bake the meat-free burger patties

Next make the pickles by finely slicing 4 cucumber rings and one slice of red onion. Divide them into their separate rings and place them in a bowl covered with apple cider vinegar and salt and leave until ready to assemble  

Making the curried beanz - drain your excess sauce from half a tin of Heinz baked beans and place in a small saucepan. Add 30g of the curry paste gently heat and smash the beans with a back of fork to create smashed curried beans 

Time to make the curried ketchup. Mix your Heinz Tomato Ketchup with your remaining mild curry paste

Next mix the mango chutney through your premade coleslaw and leave to one side

In a pestle and mortar add peanuts and curry powder and smash into small pieces

Toast both sides of your vegan burger bun and assemble your burger


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