Best Japanese whisky in Singapore

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Friday, April 30, 2021 - 6:14am

Japan is the most industrialized country in Asia and many Japanese brands are the top selling brands in their product category. Since Singapore is the financial hub of south Asia, many Japanese companies have their office in Singapore. Hence Singapore has a significant Japanese population who like Japanese beverages especially Japanese whisky. Additionally people who have lived in Japan, also may enjoy drinking the whisky. They would like to find out which is the best Japanese whisky in Singapore, where they can purchase it at a reasonable price, and how to ensure that it is of good quality.


There are a large number of Japanese whisky brands which are available online and offline like Hibiki, Yamakazi, Chita, Hakushu, Shin, Unuki, Shishi, Kaicho, Kura. While the personal preferences of each whisky lover will differ, one of the criteria for determining which is the best whisky, is the popularity. A whisky is considered popular if more people have purchased the whisky, in the last week or month. According to some online stores, the hibiki Suntory whisky, is one of the most popular whiskies among their customers. This whisky is a blended whisky, available in 700 ml. The cost of the whisky is $154.

The Yamakazi Japanese whisky is another popular whisky in Singapore. The whisky is single malt whisky which is made from a variety of soft fruits like peach, pineapple and grapefruit. The Suntory Chita Single grain Japanese whisky is a popular grain whisky. It is brewed at the Chita distillery in the Aichi prefecture of Japan. It has a light taste and sweet fragrance. The popularity of the whiskies sold online is changing according to various factors like the season, availability, pricing, discounts available so the best whisky will also change, hence it advisable to check the online seller periodically.


The Japanese whiskies are available in a wide range of prices ranging from $59 to $18500. However, most of the whisky buyers will not be able to purchase the extremely expensive whiskies, since they have a limited budget. So first they should finalize their budget for the whisky, and then search for whiskies that are available within the budget. They can also consider the discounts and other offers which are available, for example bundles of whiskies are available in some cases, for a cheaper price. In other cases, glasses or other items will be offered free with the whisky as a promotion.

Type of whisky

Most people have personal preferences for the whisky type they drink regularly. Some will prefer blended whisky, single malt whisky or grain whisky, others prefer a particular flavor or taste. The aged whiskies, especially the whiskies which are twelve years or older are also preferred by some, though they may be significantly costlier. In all cases, it is important to ensure that the seller is supplying original whiskies. So for both offline as well online sellers, they should list their supplier name, whether he is an authorized importer, distributor or dealer for the distillery or manufacturer of the whisky.


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