7 Refreshing cold drinks you can make at home this summer

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 6:24am

Do you know that summer dehydration can be life threatening? So do not take this lightly, keep an eye on what you are drinking and taking in your body this summer because the last thing you want is to faint or get get sick because of dehydration.

Beverages with a greater number of supplements than water can be useful, as they hinder the rate that your stomach discharges liquid. This draws out the rehydration process so turns out to be especially significant for people who work out often or just who sweat a lot.

Let's be honest, water can be boring at times and it might even feel like a duty to drink the recommended eight cups each day, so why not add some fun to your drinks? Here we have some tasty, fruity and of course healthy drinks to keep you hydrated in the heat.

1.    Banana Crush Slush

Starting with slushies, banana crush slush is a famous American drink you can try out this summer. Don't worry, the fruits required to prepare this drink are easily available in this season. Along with bananas that are the primary ingredient, you need a few oranges, pineapples, and lemons.

So, juice the orange in a cup, pineapples in 2 cups, and lemons in just one-quarter of a cup. Sugar is optional. After assembling all the ingredients, start with boiling sugar and water to make a syrup.

However, if there is no sugar, just boil the water. Next, mix all the above ingredients, and add 3 cups of mashed bananas to the same. Freeze the mixture, and once it is ready, serve this fruity drink with soda, sprite, or 7up.

2.    Lemon Slush Up

Another American Drink, the Lemon Slush up only takes 10 mins to prepare. All you need is water, sugar, lemonade, sprite, or 7up. The measurements would vary with the number of servings. Sugar is optional. Mix all the ingredients up, and you are good to go! Easy peasy, right?

3.    Six flavor Punch

The six flavors for this incredibly yummy drink are cherry, strawberry, black cherry, lemon grape, orange juice, and lemonade. You will additionally need sugar, water, 7up, or sprite. That's it. Mix the juices of all these fruits with sugar, water, and sprite/7up. Serve it cold for the best taste.

4.    Four Fruit Slush

The four fruits required to prepare this drink are apricot, pineapple, orange, and lemonade. Other than water and sugar, you will also need milk and 1 quarter chilled ginger ale for this recipe. Mix all the ingredients other than milk, and after that, stir it in milk. Tastes best when everything is cold.

5.    Creamy Dreamy Orange Drink

Unlike most in this list, this drink holds milk as its base. So, you will need milk, sugar, water, orange juice, and vanilla essence. And, since milk is its base, combining them all in is a wise option. Also, all the ingredients need to be cold for the best taste.

6.    Ice cream Punch

This is one of our favourites on this list. So, the next time you make six flavour punch (Number 3), keep a jug or so aside. Additionally, for ice cream punch, you will need your favorite ice cream, and either 7up or Sprite. Freeze the six-flavor punch in ice cube trays.

Now, to make an ice cream punch, take ice cream, add some sprite to it, and then serve with the flavored ice cubes. Blend ice cream and sprite for best taste.

7.    Flavored Water

If you haven’t heard of this drink, you are missing out on a lot. This drink requires the most minimalist of ingredients, which includes water, sugar, citric acid available in pharmacy stores, and lemon extract. That’s it. Mix them all up, and see the magic. It might look like flavored water, but is extremely tasty!

Over to you…

Making drinks at home is quite easy, and you might have seen that they primarily involve just mixing or blending all the ingredients. It will be wise if you keep a few ingredients in your fridge at all times. For more recipes, we highly recommend you to explore  https://barossadistilling.com/ and if you are based in Australia, then you just can’t miss their amazing products!



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