Simple Games to Play With Your Family During Weekends

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Sunday, November 15, 2020 - 6:51am

With quarantining coming back for another round, then it is imperative to find new and creative things to do with your family while at home on the weekends. Sure, the weekdays can be filled with routine. With children taking classes online and parents working, the weekdays can go fast and can be easier than the weekends. With everyone off work and out of school on the weekends, then times can become challenging with everyone crammed together into one house. 

Luckily, there are ample amounts of options out there to alleviate boredom and to keep everyone in the house sane and having a good time. These options are all great for creating laughter and good memories. When times are tough, banding together as a family to have a good time will be exactly what the doctor ordered. 

What To Play

With all of the complicated choices out there and all of the online games that you can find, you may want to find yourself offline and seeking simpler choices to play. Playing real games over the weekend invokes more imagination and creates more ways to utilize creativity at the same time. Listed here are several of the more simple choices that you can find to do with your family over the weekend while at home:


One of the most fun yet mind-boggling games to play is Scrabble. This is a challenging game that will keep everyone on their toes. Scrabble creates the need to find words based on a random display of letters that you get on your board. You can do this by memory, by using an online tool, or by looking up your letters online. There are numerous ways to get better at Scrabble and several possibilities for each of the letters on your board. You can also strategize better by finding the triple letter and double letter scores to score more points with each word that you choose. 

Bowling Inside 

You can create your own bowling alley right inside your own home. Forget about the days where you had to drive all the way to a bowling alley, rent used, smelly bowling shoes, and put your fingers in an unsanitary bowling ball. Now, you can create all of the same benefits of bowling from the comfort of your own Covid free home. You can create an alley on a hallway in your home and can use anything from plastic bottles to a ball as your props for this new, fun, and quarantine friendly game. Set up some scorecards with your family, and off you go. 

Inside Miniature Golf 

You can also choose to set up an elaborate miniature golf course in your home. You will need to get creative with your stations and can create your obstacles all over your home or all over your living room. Creating these obstacles can include anything from using furniture or creating obstacles out of duct tape, cardboard, and other items around your house. You can create your own golf clubs as well using various items around the house. If you have paper towel rolls and cardboard, then you can also create your own clubs. 

Hide And Seek 

Yes, this is a delightful old classic that you can play around your home and your yard during a weekend of quarantine. This will give the kids some time to use their brains to come up with new and creative places to hide. This will also allow them to satisfy their needs to feel accomplished whenever they find someone in the family that is hiding. Also, it keeps everyone in the house actively engaged and happily enjoying time with each other - even if you are just hiding from your kids!

Scavenger Hunts 

Creating a scavenger hunt for your children or vice versa can create a fun and exciting day of adventure and puzzles to solve. Pending on how far into a strategy that you want to go, then you can make your scavenger hunts very intense, or you can leave room for easier hunts for smaller children. Either way, it is a game that is fun, takes a lot of thought, and can take up an entire day. 

With all of the options out there that can fill many weekends, then you shouldn’t find yourself bored during the weekends while stuck at home with your entire family. In fact, you can still look forward to the weekends and all of the fun times that you will get to spend with your family before quarantine ends and everyone goes their separate ways again. 

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