Renting a Car as a Salvation When Travelling with Children

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Monday, November 20, 2023 - 9:01am

Travelling with children is fun and joyful. By doing so, you strengthen the bonds between family members and create wonderful moments that you will treasure for a long time. Car rental is great for family people who like to travel long distances with children. Also, hiring a car is indispensable if you fly abroad on vacation and prefer to rent a car there instead of using public transport. For example, a popular destination for holidays with children is Dubai, because they treat children wonderfully and have all the conditions for a vacation with them. But even if you are visiting the Emirates without small travellers and want to rent exotic car to experience speed and pleasure, then rental companies will suggest you the right option. One of the most popular car model is Bentley – who else can afford a brand-new Bentley for few days just to get the pleasure of driving. So click the link to see what you can rent for pretty reasonable price. 

However, to understand whether you are ready to travel with children in a rented car, you should first set your priorities. 

Benefits Of Road Trips With Children 

  • Significant cost savings, including on long trips abroad;
  • The ability to flexibly change the route right in the process according to circumstances. Renting a car allows you to visit all the desired places, as well as adapt to the needs of your child;
  • Independence from the requirements of airlines and carriers for the volume and contents of baggage;
  • The opportunity to cover as many interesting and exciting places as possible at once. When travelling by rental car, you can make as many stops as you want. With a child of any age, this is especially important, because children quickly get tired of the monotonous ride, their legs may become numb or motion sick;
  • The ability to reach the most remote corners, where it is impossible to conveniently reach by public transport;
  • You don’t have to worry that the child will disturb others or those around the child. Children cry and that's normal. However, when you rent a car and travel only with your family, it will be much more comfortable for you to understand that no one around is annoyed by the loud crying or laughter of your little traveller;
  • You can stop and take a break along the way at any time. Children often suddenly become hungry or thirsty, or suddenly need to go to the toilet. When travelling with a rental car, you can stop at the nearest authorised place, do all your business and continue your journey in comfort and in a good mood. If you choose public transport for a trip with children, then all these factors will worsen the child’s mood, he will be capricious, and therefore the trip will not bring much joy to you.

Pay Attention to Age

Indeed, you need to prepare for a trip with a child both physically and mentally. In addition to general preparation, take into account the characteristics of different ages of children.

Consider the following points:

Babies up to one year are not so fussy because they can sleep most of the time. In the case of colic, other disorders or an uncomfortable temperature in the cabin, the child will cry and will have to be picked up. Therefore, be prepared for unplanned stops;

  • Children from one year to 3-4 years old are often capricious. They want to crawl, play, and are tired from the long journey. Due to their age, it is difficult to force children to sit in a chair;
  • Engage a child over 5 years old with conversations, games, or use a tablet or phone. If there are two children, they may quarrel and it will be necessary to have a conversation and reconcile them. In addition, you should be prepared that at this age children often get motion sickness.

What Else To Consider Before Your Trip?

  • First of all, be sure to choose a high-quality and comfortable car seat;
  • Start gradually with short trips out of town, rather than travelling for hours across the country;
  • Talk to your baby and take him on adventures;
  • Please note that even a short journey can cause poor sleep, appetite, and poor health. Keep an eye on this. Stop for short walks as often as possible;
  • Start your car rental trip early in the morning so that your child gets enough sleep most of the time. And don't plan on too long overnight journeys.


Travelling in a rental car with children makes your family closer to each other. This is a uniting family vacation. You just need to prepare for it competently and efficiently. One of the key tasks of parents is to properly inform the car rental company about safety details.


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