Packing for nursery day: Winter edition

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, November 10, 2023 - 1:32pm

Winter mornings can become particularly chilly, and if you’re getting your child ready for nursery during this time, you’ll want to make sure they’re properly equipped for a day of learning.

Whether your child is attending one of the many Grandir nurseries or someplace else, here are some things that you could help them pack in their school bag…

  • Essentials for warmth

One of the main essentials that you should be focused on providing for your children during the colder months is anything to provide extra warmth.

This could include anything from a scarf to a blanket. This way, your child can be prepared for changes in the weather during the day and they’ll always have an item that can keep them warm.

  • Extra clothes

Before a nursery day, you’ll likely dress your child in clothes for warmth but you never know what could happen during a day at nursery, especially if your child is particularly messy.

They’ll likely be partaking in arts and crafts or just experience some accidental spillages, so it might be a good idea to pack some spare clothing, which could include socks, underwear, and a new outfit.

Even if they’re not used, at least you can rest assured that your child is ready for anything that may happen!

  • Food and drink

During the colder months, it’s so important to keep properly nourished and hydrated, and your child’s health will especially be of top priority.

Ensure that you pack a water bottle and some nutritional snacks to keep your child fuelled for a day of development.

You could go as far as to pack a thermos of hot food or a drink to ensure they are kept healthy and warm.

  • Labels

When it comes to packing extra clothes and other personal items, especially for warmth, other parents may have the same idea and pack similar items for their children.

The best way to avoid items being mixed up, so your child comes back home with everything that they own, is to label all of their belongings.

  • Health necessities

For many, there are health conditions that are triggered more by cold weather.

In this case, you should pack any necessary medications or other health supplies in a separate bag, as you should hand these directly to nursery staff to keep them out of reach of your little ones.

The requirements for issuing your child a certain medication should be properly communicated with staff to guarantee that your child receives proper care.

  • Emergency kit

Now, the nursery your child attends may already be equipped for emergencies, but you might want to pack these items for your own reassurance.

The winter season especially calls for emergency items, like non-perishable snacks or even a flashlight for those darker days.

There are many other things you could incorporate into these emergency bags, specifically personalised for your child, so what are you thinking of including?

With some guidance on how to pack your child’s bag for a full day of learning, it’s the perfect start to make sure they’re prepared for everything that a day at nursery can bring!

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