How are people in the South West celebrating Father’s Day 2021?

Authored by karl_young
Posted Friday, June 4, 2021 - 8:27am

Father’s Day is on the horizon and, for those in the UK, it just so happens to fall on the 20th of June –the day before all lockdown restrictions are set to ease on the 21st.

So, how is this affecting plans for Father’s Day for those living in the South West? A survey carried out by gifting retailer Find Me a Gift set out to find out just that, speaking to people across the UK about how they’re spending Father’s Day in the times of COVID.

How do people in the South West feel about Father’s Day?

The survey found that almost a quarter (24%) of people in the South West are simply holding off on Father’s Day plans altogether, instead intending to see their dads on the 21st of June – the day all restrictions are lifted. If the current road map goes ahead, this will allow families to meet with no limits on the number of people or households, and no recommendations for social distancing. After well over a year of rules and guidance, the prospect of freely seeing family without this guidance is definitely appealing for many.

However, there are a number of people in the South West who will see their dads this Father’s Day despite any restrictions that may be in place. 1 in 5 (19%) said spending time with their dad on Father’s Day is the most important thing to them, while 22% said they’ll see their dad in person even if restrictions won’t allow it.

Despite current restrictions allowing families to meet indoors and even enjoy a hug, it is clear that many people in the South West still have some uncertainty when it comes to making plans because of the pandemic. 32% of people said they feel limited by the current restrictions on indoor meeting, and 1 in 5 (19%) said that the current restrictions will directly result in them spending less time with their dads.

How are people planning on celebrating Father’s Day?

Next, the survey spoke to people in the South West to discover how they plan to spend Father’s Day, asking them what activities they’re looking forward to doing together as a family.

The results make one thing clear: people want to spend quality time together as a family. When given an extensive list of activities and asked which they’re likely to do on Father’s Day if restrictions aren’t in place, the most popular choice for those in the South West is simply meeting and spending time together indoors. 21% said they’d like to use the time to have a family meal indoors, while 20% said they’d be happy to just meet up with their family in a garden.

Families are looking to make up for lost time this year – not just with dad, but with the entire family. 18% of people surveyed in the South West said they’re planning on using Father’s Day to visit with other family members, catching up with everyone in one go. The most classic British of pastimes – the pub – also featured on the list, with 17% selecting it as their preferred way to spend time with dad this year.

After a year of virtual Zoom catchups, people in the South West could be described as experiencing somewhat of a ‘Zoom burnout’. Only 4% of people said they’re planning on celebrating Father’s Day virtually this year, showing just how much we’ve missed the value of genuine, face-to-face connections and quality family time.

How to celebrate Father’s Day 2021

While there’s undoubtedly much uncertainty about how things will look on the 20th, or even the 21st, of June, as it stands there are plenty of ways families can get together locally and enjoy some quality time. 

  1. Have a family meal indoors 
  2. Meet indoors 
  3. Meet in a restaurant 
  4. Go to the pub 
  5. Visit other family members 
  6. Meet in a garden 
  7. Cook together 
  8. Order a takeaway 
  9. Meet outdoors in a park/area of natural beauty
  10. Go to the beach 

Whether you’re planning on meeting in a garden, heading out for a drink, or sending dad a thoughtful gift, Father’s Day 2021 is a great opportunity to finally begin making new memories together as a family.

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