Enjoyable Family Activities for Spending Quality Time with Seniors

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 12:05pm

As people get older, they realize how important it is to stay physically, mentally and socially active. The reality is both body and mind begin to decline and lose their youthful levels of fitness which often leads to the development of severe health conditions. While none of this can be completely avoided, it is crucial that people of any age, especially seniors make efforts to remain active in meaningful ways.

Generally speaking, engaging in physical and mentally challenging activities provides excellent benefits that contribute to senior wellness. Although elderly people sometimes aren’t keen on doing such activities, even the simplest one can help enhance their physical health as well as improve their mood, concentration and learning abilities.

Depending on their preferences, there are many fun activities you can do with seniors. From stimulating brain games to various excursions, here is a list of the six most enjoyable activity ideas you can choose from to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Playing family games

Engaging in mental activities such as family board games is most important because it improves the general quality of all life. They help enhance reasoning and learning abilities as well as improve memory skills crucial for maintaining the mental health of seniors.

In general, such games strengthen social relationships and slow down the progress of medical conditions such as dementia. For example, there are many fun and challenging jigsaw puzzles for adults you can play with your loved ones during a family reunion so you can bond and work together for the common good. Not only that, jigsaw puzzles can help sharpen the mind and enhance overall brain health. 

Other board games such as scrabble, bingo, chess and poker also offer a sense of progress and accomplishment.

Group exercises

Being physically active at an older age is also very important because it helps prevent potential falls and injuries in seniors. However, this doesn’t mean doing intensive workout sessions or climbing mountains, but simple exercises that help improve flexibility and balance in older adults.

For example, walking is one of the most common physical activities for seniors. Even if your loved one isn’t very keen on exercising, this simple activity can improve the flow of endorphins that triggers a positive feeling in the body while reducing any pain symptoms. So, make sure you take regular walks with your loved ones around their community so they can get their daily dose of physical activity.

Other popular group exercises you can do include swimming or senior aerobics.


Spending time in nature as much as possible is a great way to relax, boost the mood and socialize with the elderly. Gardening is an ideal option for this because it exercises both body and mind serving as an excellent form of therapy and a way to spend more quality time with older adults.

Even if your loved ones don’t have the physical strength or agility they need for advanced gardening, they can engage in simple planting or watering of flowers and weeds. This way they will still be able to strengthen their muscle joints, improve balance and minimize the risk of injury.

So, as soon as the warm weather arrives, get your gardening tool kit and do some planting with your loved ones.  

Arts and crafts

As people age, they often become nostalgic about some of the things they were able to do when they were younger and more agile. However, that shouldn’t stop them from looking for new hobbies to pick up and enjoy more quality time with their family.

Since mobility declines overtime, arts and crafts seem to be one of the few activities the elderly can actively participate in. This way they can get in touch with their creative side while bonding with their loved ones and even teach younger family members some interesting skills. 

Creative activities such as drawing, painting, knitting, ceramics and jewelry making are the most popular ones that provide many health benefits for seniors. Some of them include improved cognitive ability, stress reduction and better motor skills.

Outings and excursions

Going out and participating in leisure activities can enhance social interaction and reduce the feeling of isolation which is very common in seniors. Fortunately, there are many great options you can choose from to spend more quality time with your loved ones and share the experience together.

For example, theme parks, carnivals, comedy clubs, art shows and wineries are some of the most enjoyable activities you can go to with seniors. They are filled with laughter, excitement, and exploration and most importantly enhance social bonding which is crucial for improving both physical and mental health in older adults.

In addition to this, seniors can also participate in various lunch clubs, dances and social centers to maintain a consistent social interaction and a sense of being part of society.

Pampering vacations

While taking them on your summer holiday is one way to spend more time with the elderly, spas have become among the most favorite pampering activities for seniors.

Generally speaking, self-care at old age is very important and spas are a great way to foster the wellbeing of the elderly. They offer all kinds of great services from facial and body treatments to aromatherapy and hot springs and let older adults enjoy the retirement they have worked so hard for.

By going on a weekend spa getaway, you are giving your loved ones the opportunity to feel well cared for while spending more quality time together doing different activities. 

Final thoughts

It is common for seniors to develop a routine that becomes dull that may negatively affect their physical, mental and social wellbeing. However, the good news is you can engage the elderly in all kinds of enjoyable activities to spend more quality time with them and make them feel part of your everyday life. Not only will they feel included, but you will also help them improve their physical mobility and emotional health. So, if you are looking for ways to bond with the seniors in your life, make sure you borrow some of the ideas mentioned here and share the experiences together. 


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