5 struggles interracial couples face

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Monday, March 11, 2019 - 10:00am

In American society, interracial dating is one of the paradoxes, regardless of how diverse people are. Interracial relationships have become so prevalent in various parts of the world, too, even though some people can't just seem to accept this type of relationships. Those who have been, and some who are still in such a relationship, have admitted continuously that it's very challenging. The current society has been very tolerant of interracial relationships, but again, the challenges are there. It's good to know what those in this kind of relationships are going through, even if we live with them.

Below are five challenges the interracial couples face in their everyday lives: 

1. People thinking you're not together

It's very uncomfortable that some people may just assume that you two aren't together. To some extent, it's annoying, and you get to feel very bad. Choose to be very patient in such a relationship, and ignore some people who may just stare at you and think that you two aren't together. Sometimes, you can politely let them know that you two are together.

2. Adjusting to linguistic differences

As an interracial couple, you may face several linguistic differences. A single word in your language may have another meaning in your spouse's native language and may result in the usage of wrong words.  As a result, you may be forced to learn the language of your spouse to develop a clear understanding.

It may be de difficult, but you should begin by making some few adjustments to the little linguistics that are different.

3. The many negative comments about your partner's race

This mostly comes unexpectedly, and it hurts.  No one would love to see people making fun of how bad their partner's English is. Another thing is how they keep comparing your culture and customs to those of your partner's, and constantly joke about them. 

These people are biased about interracial relationships. They can annoy you a lot, but learn to remain patient with them. You should also keep yourself motivated by reading a lot of positive blogs on AfroRomance.

4. Harassment

Are you married to a man from a different race? Take care, so that you may not fall a victim of bullying.  This happens severely, as there are people who can't just accept that interracial relationships exist, and their fore will harm you in any way.

5. Dealing with the underlying issues in your relationship

For any person in this kind of relationship, they will have to struggle continually, and get to understand that whatever problems you may be going through, those aren't attached to the fact that you're of different races.


The above were some of the very many challenges that interracial couples face. You can always work towards solving this problem. Don't keep quiet. Talk about your race and the differences that come with it. Ensure that you come up with a clear understanding with your partner, so that you can enjoy having a happy relationship. If you're an interracial single and would want a partner, what are you waiting for?

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