5 Christmas gift ideas for kids under 5

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Authored by Claire Small
Posted Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 11:11am

Forget that it is October. Christmas is a few weeks away, and some parents are already compiling their shopping list ahead of time. While toys serve as delightful presents for kids, stationery items are also excellent gifts for art-loving children who have so much time on their hands during the holiday.

Furthermore, stationeries are cheap gifts that can help children under five years be better at journaling, drawing, scribbling, doodling, and so on. Stores like TheWorks.co.uk make life more comfortable by offering online shopping for kids’ stationery.

Wondering which fun stationery items to buy for your kids? Here is our list of options:

1. Glitter Stationery Set

One thing that most girls love is glitter. The sparkly, shiny effect it gives on paper makes writing fancier and makes little girls feel like their handwriting is worth more than gold. A glitter set often includes gel pens, ballpoint pens, a notebook and other items that would encourage little girls under five love to write and draw.

2. Colouring Collection Bundle

Does your child love to colour? This will make the perfect Christmas gift for him or her! This bundle has got all the colours in the rainbow. The set could include felt tip pens, colour pencils, and gel pens that can be used on different occasions. If you plan on raising a Picasso, start with the pens.

3. Refill Pads

For kids who love drawing on the wall, this A4 notebook will serve as a daily essential. It is frustrating to have to repaint house walls because your kids think they are magnetic boards like the ones in their schools. The best way to deal with this is to get them a big and fancy pad where they can express themselves in any way they want.

4. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping gifts is an underrated skill and a form of art. Besides, kids love to feel that they are contributing by doing ‘adult things’; therefore, wrapping papers would make an ideal Christmas gift for them. You can teach them to wrap empty boxes, and as they get better, they can wrap actual gifts. The earlier your child knows how to wrap gifts, the better for you.

5. Diary

Diaries are a simple yet powerful tool that can shape the mind of a child. By encouraging your kid to write about challenges they face daily and how they solved them, you can build his/her problem-solving capacity.

Rather than writing all that happens to them in a day, motivate your child to focus on the positive things and teach them to draw lessons from these incidents. This will help your kid learn self-awareness and reflection early in life.

Stationery items are a crucial part of a child’s life. They play a key role in learning and help kids interpret what they hear and see, and also communicate what they know on paper. This is why these stationeries will make fantastic gifts for kids under five during Christmas.

All these stationery items can be found and purchased online at TheWorks.co.uk with up to 80% discount. Don’t wait till it’s Christmas to get gifts for your kids. Start now.