Songs About Devon

Authored by Churchward
Posted Monday, December 6, 2021 - 6:12pm

The Legendary Ten Seconds have recorded an English folk rock album called songs about Devon.

Songs About Devon release date 23rd October 2021. Here is a list of the songs which include two about Exeter

GATES OF EXETER – about the siege of Exeter in 1497

KING RICHARD'S VISIT – about the visit to Exeter of Richard III in 1483

CHRISTOPHER AND OLIVE – about a sailor from Devon at the battle of Jutland

TEIGNMOUTH WASSAIL- a song for Teignmouth

POSTCARDS OF TORQUAY – about the old Torquay postcard collection belonging to John Dike

SMOKEY JOE – about the tramp who used to live at the top of Telegraph Hill in the 1970s

TAR BARRELS – about the Tar Barrels of Ottery St Mary

PARSON AND THE CLERK – about an old Devon legend of the Parson and the clerk

BRIXHAM MAYFLOWER – about the replica of the Mayflower that was built in Brixham

SAWDUST FUSILIERS – about the Canadian forresters at Stover during the First World War

LAST INVASION – about the destruction of Teignmouth by the French in the 17th century

BIRMINGHAM TO DEVON – about moving from Birmingham to live in Teignmouth

THE FLOODING OF LYNMOUTH – the tragic flood in Lynmouth in the 1950s

THE DAILY EXODUS – about the people of Plymouth during the blitz of 1941

The album includes spoken introductions recorded by Peter Cartwright of Riviera FM

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