How to Select the Right Game for you in an Online Casino?

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Monday, May 16, 2022 - 6:26am

The pandemic helped online casinos to find a whole new user base. They were already massively popular, but the lockdowns truly brought these apps and sites many new customers.

The industry is still growing today and is expected to keep on that way. The online gambling sector is expected to be worth over $92 billion by 2023, according to Statista.

This points to online casinos and other forms of gaming still being able to attract new players. Perhaps individuals are more inclined to play online than they are to visit traditional casinos these days. Maybe it’s just because they are more convenient.

Whatever the reason behind online casinos’ popularity, it is important to understand how they work if you join one. One part of making the most out of a casino is understanding the games and selecting the best one for you.

Firstly, you ought to determine the right casino for you

Finding the right game is crucial to being able to have a pleasurable experience in an online casino. But finding the right app or site is just as critical.

According to Companies Market Cap, the largest casino operator is Las Vegas Sands. Others on the list include MGM, Caesars, and Wynn. These all operate online casinos as well as land-based ones.

They are reputable names that many people would feel comfortable using. No one would suggest that Caesars would set out to rip anyone off. But, does that mean that you should choose a big brand name, or could a smaller online casino be more suitable?

How do you choose an online casino?

You should choose an online casino like EnergyWin that will suit your needs and ticks all the right boxes.

Consider the following when you look for an online casino:

  • Payment options
  • Customer service
  • Choice of games
  • Security
  • Withdrawal times
  • Deposit limits
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Where it is based
  • How it is licensed

Customer service, and satisfaction, are two critical areas to consider. How are you going to be treated if you have an issue with their site? Do the operators behind the casino care about their clients?

Withdrawal times are also a consideration. Can you withdraw your funds quickly, or does it take a few days?

Obviously, you ought to check to ensure the casino is licensed, and perhaps see where they are based too. You can check then that you are not unwittingly playing in an illegal online casino.

Now, how do you select the right game?

Many people kind of stumble around online casinos as they would in the real world. They throw a few dollars on the roulette wheel, then move on to the slots, before trying their luck with blackjack.

There are more scientific ways to select the best casino games, and there are emotional ways to select preferences.

Below are a few ways that can help you to select the best casino game online for you.

Consider your enjoyment

This is a truly important part of selecting an online casino game. Why are you using a casino if it is not for entertainment? Casinos may make you a profit, but they are not a viable career option. Therefore, you must be logging in because you want to have some form of fun.

Try out various games until you find one that entertains, or even immerses you. Poker games for instance can carry on for hours. And you needn't smash the bank with these test runs.

Look for games that are free to play, and get involved. Eventually, or perhaps instantly, you will find a game that brings you enjoyment, if not riches.

Use your knowledge

Perhaps there are games where you have a little knowledge that can help. For instance, do you already understand basic strategy? If so, use that knowledge and select blackjack. After all, that is your advantage.

You don’t actually have to play casino games when you go online. Many online casinos will accept sports bets. If you have great knowledge of football or baseball teams, then perhaps stick to sports betting.

House-edge and odds

If it is truly casino games you want to play, then you should understand the odds and how they are stacked. One way to learn how to maximize your profits in an online casino is to understand whether the house has a huge edge against you or a tiny one.

Slot machines can have high house edges, or they may have low ones. It can depend on the operator, and it is worth investigating. Online casinos often pay more back to the players than land-based ones because they have lower overheads.

Therefore, a game you might avoid in a casino normally might be worth playing online.

Look at the device you are running

You can use online casinos on almost any device that can access the internet. Many people play poker on smartphones, and others prefer laptops with larger screens.

The device you own may dictate what online casinos, and what games work best. Small screens may not be suitable for every casino game. Although developers make websites to be mobile-friendly, older smartphones can be very small.

Choose something you have played before

This links up to having knowledge about a particular game. If you were raised to play poker by your Grandma every weekend, then it stands to reason that you won’t have any learning curve to worry about.

You might find that you are skilled enough to play in live tournaments against other people. Choosing something you already understand means that you can dive right in without having to learn new rules or gameplay.


When looking at how to choose the best site for an online casino, there are many considerations. As has been mentioned, customer service is a critical area of concern. Security is another matter to keep in mind.

Once you have located the right online casino for you, it is time to find the right game. Look for something you enjoy, and perhaps already understand. Your knowledge could be the key between playing purely for fun, or actually being able to turn a reasonable profit.

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