Gambling in the Gamestop Era

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Thursday, May 13, 2021 - 9:33am

It is rather difficult to find a game today that would meet all the expectations of the player, bring profit and have a high percentage of return. Behind thousands of slot machines are mediocre games with low payouts, which take away not only time but also money from users. The salvation in this confusion of gambling entertainment has become special aggregators of online casino sites, which help to safely choose and play the games you like. The resource page contains up-to date, game guides for beginners and much more, which will be useful in finding a quality project.

List of online casinos without Gamestop
The Gamestop control allows the user to limit themselves to gambling when it comes to gambling addiction. The account can be frozen or deleted altogether, so as not to be tempted to return. You get a complete ban on sites, mobile clients and apps licensed in the UK. In search of quality casinos without Gamestop, users browse hundreds of different sites, come across scammers and charlatans. Here is a small list of gambling sites not on gamstop:

  • SlotsNBets;
  • Jackpot Charm;
  • Win Diggers;
  • Royal Oak;
  • The Red Lion.

These establishments work officially under the jurisdiction of the Mga-Casinos Commission. This means that they have a license certificate with all the documents that allow them to conduct gambling activities. The only difference is that they are not subject to Gamestop restrictions if you live in the UK. You can easily enter the site, register and start playing using international payment systems.

The history of the development of the gambling business in the UK
For a long time, the inhabitants of the island state loved to gamble: horse racing, poker, roulette and much more. Until 2005, there were no rules governing the scope of the gambling business. In the 90s, a commission was created that monitored the growth of gambling, its impact on society and the further vector of development. Later, the first law was signed, classifying casinos into several types:

  • large (1500-3500 sq. meters);
  • small (500-1500 sq. meters);
  • regional, resort.

Special locations have been created specifically for land-based casinos. A special council determined the location of the future premises, taking into account the proposals from the local authorities.

With the rapid development of online gambling, the current law was amended in 2014. All operators advertising or planning to open a gambling business are required to obtain a license from the commission. They were also responsible for paying business tax based on the amount of consumer transactions. The Gambling Commission and Licensing Committees are responsible for the control and issues of the gambling business in the UK. If violations are detected, the authorities apply sanctions to the provider and revoke his license.

Features of the Gamestop function
Users who wish to temporarily stop playing can use the self-exclusion feature. It restricts access to certain sites, freezes accounts for an unlimited period. In the additional parameters, you can delete the account without the possibility of defrosting, so that there is no temptation to return. At the stage of self-exclusion, it is recommended to seek help from a special organization. This is a useful feature for users with gambling addiction, but it is not a 100% solution to all problems.

In gambling casinos that do not have such a function, a system of responsible gambling is being developed. The principle of its operation is that game operators implement a program of actions aimed at helping gamblers, and also protect players from negative influences caused by long gaming sessions.

Online gambling in the UK

The country has completely legalized the gambling business, online gambling occupies 33% of its entire part.In 2015-2016 alone, the total income amounted to more than $ 5 billion. This is the largest sector of the gambling market in the country, and it continues to grow every year. The general picture of income for each structure is as follows:

  • online casino - 2.8 billion EUR;
  • online betting - 1.7 billion EUR;
  • lottery - EUR 168 million;
  • bookmaker exchange - EUR 167 million.

There are many software developers working in the UK. Also, do not forget about the Isle of Man and Alderney, which are in the possession of the British crown, which are one of the most popular points for registering and opening a gambling business.

Gamestop's restrictive measures have not stopped the rapid development of gambling. Providers and operators have found ways to circumvent this system by registering companies outside of the country where gambling is prohibited. The UK is fortunate in this, as there are many quality establishments in the country that are officially licensed. Those who prefer foreign online casinos are advised to take a look at projects under the jurisdiction of the Gaming Malta Authority.


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