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David Banks
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Posted Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - 7:51am

Prohibition was never bringing many benefits to national economies, which is a fact many countries are beginning to recognize. Gambling is no exception, so as it evolved into a multi-billion dollar business that brings in tons of cash, many governments unsurprisingly started changing their opinion regarding its legality. Many sovereign states still forbid anything gambling-related, so it is good knowing you can and can not indulge yourself especially if you like to travel a lot.

The European Countries

Europe is the cradle of gambling so it is understandable that the legalizing process started here as well, although there were some periods in European history when wagering was strictly forbidden. Today, finding the best casino in the UK is a tricky business as there are so many different options available for an average player. European countries have accepted the reality of online gambling and European legal code uniformity helps to spread this attitude across the Union.

Australia and New Zealand

Australians might be on the other side of the planet but they love gambling as much as any true player elsewhere. Although their government prohibits any acts of gambling not authorized by them, citizen can indulge themselves in using any foreign online casino they fancy. It may be hard to find an online casino accepting NZ dollars, but that is why bitcoins are so useful when trying to play online poker in New Zealand.

The Asian countries

Asian markets are approaching some turning point which may change this game forever. China plus India and Indonesia combined can double-up the existing market if they decide to fully legalize this enterprise. This event will be like an earthquake hitting the global online community. The current situation with coronavirus might speed us this process as mainland casinos are taking heavy blows and they will be more than willing to relocate their operations online. Until they do, it is not very advisable to gamble online if you find yourself in some Peking hotel during your business trip.

Asian countries where online gambling is completely illegal are:

  • Brunei
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • United Arab Emirates
  • North Korea
  • Lebanon
  • Singapore

The African countries

Gambling is jet to discover the African continent since most of sub-Saharan countries do not allow any form of gambling to take place. Some exceptions do exist, so countries like Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Mauritius are taking a more progressive path, thus allowing their residents some gambling freedoms. If you have an uncontrollable itch for a few quick spins, stay out from the rest of Africa, although Ghana, Botswana, Angola, and Zambia haven’t explicitly prohibited online gambling. They just frown upon it.

The American countries

While North America as a continent might be regarded as a safe haven for gamblers, South America is not so liberal after all. This is kind of a paradox as south-American countries have always been regarded as safe places for notorious outlaws. Canadian gambling laws are ambiguous but in general, they allow you to act freely in an online gambling universe. Countries like Argentina, Panama, and Peru have made online gambling legal, so there are a few south-American safe havens left after all. 


Online gambling is taking this world by storm. Not many sovereign states remained immune to it, and this process will continue until inevitably the whole world joins into one big network that will generate some huge jackpot prize pool. We are sorry if you are living in Afghanistan, but even if one comes from a liberal haven like Sweden, it is good knowing where one will or won’t break some law if he enters an online pokie tournament.


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