The best games to enhance your brain In 2019

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Friday, March 1, 2019 - 10:57am

We all know some games are better for you than others. Of course, stealing cars on Grand Theft Auto isn’t going to be as educational as five rounds of online Scrabble. 

However, educational and brain stimulating games can sometimes be too dull to enjoy. It’s 2019 though, and as you’d expect, there are plenty that are fantastic too.

Whether you’re gaming on your way to work or sitting down for a few hours of an evening, we take a look at the best games to keep your brain active and improve your cognitive skills…


The online bingo scene is absolutely thriving at the moment with a whole range of different games, offers and themes to enjoy.

The likes of Which Bingo is one of the best bingo review sites on the market, with a whole
heap of offers, and sees thousands upon thousands of visitors daily, but that’s not just for the chance of earning a prize pot.

Bingo is a fantastic game to help increase your brain capacity. When playing it tests your reactions, processing skills and memory whether playing online or off.

If you’re looking to get started you can find more information on the games offered online, including all the best promotions where you can find offers like free spins no deposit keep what you win.


While very few of us sit down to play Scrabble with family these days, the option to play via the app really is a great idea.

Both Scrabble and Words With Friends are great apps that allow you to play with both friends and people from all around the world, sharpening your brain and getting you thinking.

It’s the ideal game for on a daily commute as it’ll get your brain working ahead of arriving in work, ensuring you’re fully switched on and ready to go. 


Lumosity has long been a market leader in brain training apps and it continues to improve and be one of the best of 2019 too. 

You’ll find all manner of quick and simple games to play, built to focus and improve various aspects of the brain. 

It’s free to download to your phone and encourages you to play three short games per day. It’s an award winner and has proven results, making it a must download for many. 


A popular quiz show in the UK, the Pointless official app is a fantastic download that is ideal to get you thinking over a short period of time.

Games last only around five minutes and it’s a quiz like no other as it’s not about thinking of the most obvious answer, it’s about finding the obscure ones.

You have to work your way to the Pointless Final, where you must say an answer nobody else has in order to win. You can play with friends or against the computer with sets of questions to suit everyone. 

It’s graphics are simple and it’s a relatively cheap game to download, making it a perfect commute or lunch time play.