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Posted Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 2:36pm

Exeter School is delighted to offer eight free places to children from the local community for the fourth year running.

There are three full bursaries - called Foundation Bursaries and funded from alumni legacies and gifts - on offer for entry into Year 7.

Three full bursaries are on offer for the Sixth Form funded from the St John's Hospital Educational Foundation grant. Two further free places to study the Sciences in the Sixth Form, 'The George Williams Bursaries', have also been made possible by a generous bequest and continuing donations from the estate of a prominent deceased Old Exonian.

Families of prospective sixth formers (currently in Year 11) interested in making the most of this opportunity are encouraged to sign up to the Sixth Form open evening on Wednesday 18 November, 6.30-7.30pm, via the school website.

Families of children currently in Year 6 are encouraged to get in touch with the Admissions Office for more information and apply by the deadline of 5 January 2021.

Places are on offer to pupils who pass the entrance examinations, which are held in January 2021, and whose parents could not afford to send their child to Exeter School without financial assistance.

Exeter School has always provided a significant number of means-tested bursaries at the School for those in need of support, and these will continue to be provided and at the same level as before.

Head Louise Simpson said: “I was not lucky enough to attend an independent school like Exeter School, and have seen the transformative opportunities that such an education can offer. We are an inclusive community that welcomes bright and committed young people who can give their talents and skills to better our community, and are willing to take up the challenges and opportunities that we offer. Come and see us and we look forward to welcoming you!”

The deadline for September 2021 entry registration is 1 December 2020 and the deadline for bursary applications is 5 January 2021.

Please contact the Admissions and Marketing Office for more information via 01392 273679 or and sign up for the Sixth Form open evening via the school website:

Further information about bursaries can be found on the school website:

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