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Posted Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - 9:41pm

An Exeter Mum will share her love of Spanish at her new children-only language club, starting this month.

Embarking on the journey of learning a different language or finding a new job, are usually in the top 10 of most peoples New Year's Resolution lists.

Finding a dream job linked with languages was at the top of local Mum Kerry Balchin’s list of goals for the year in 2024. 

This week the Exeter Mum’s new business ‘Amiguitos - Spanish Classes for Kids’, is bringing valuable and educational Spanish language lessons to children in the area.   

34 year old Kerry, who has lived in both Spain and Mexico, and is an ex-language teacher with over 5 years’ of experience teaching Spanish in secondary schools said: 

“I’m passionate about inspiring children and love teaching Spanish, so setting up my own Spanish Club seemed the natural thing to do. Since becoming a Mum, I’ve come to realise the importance of early exposure to language learning and how essential this is in developing children’s confidence and enjoyment of foreign languages, as well as building solid foundations for further language learning in school. I truly believe speaking a foreign language opens a whole world of opportunities and is a skill for life”. 

Kerry’s classes are aimed at both the under 5's as well as primary aged children and use the award-winning La Jolie Ronde Programmes, offering a structured and progressive course specifically designed for children. Classes are taught through fun and engaging songs and activities using games, stories, flashcards, roleplays and puppets, centered around topics children are already familiar with.   

“In today’s ever more globalised world, never has it been more valuable to speak a foreign language, yet it is considered a challenging and increasingly less popular school subject. Young children have a wonderful advantage when they are exposed to languages in an engaging and interactive way, they are extremely receptive to new sounds, less inhibited and quickly become confident speakers. My classes are packed full of fun activities in a pressure-free environment, so that learning a second language becomes a thoroughly positive experience and by the time my pupils begin secondary school, their foundation of Spanish language learning will provide them with a significant head start”. 

Classes for primary aged children run after school every Wednesday at St Thomas Library Emmanuel Hall in Exeter. Classes for children under 5 are running on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons in Exeter.  Kerry is offering a free trial class for all new pupils and this can be booked by calling Kerry on: 07591099034 or emailing: amiguitos.devon@gmail.com 

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