Custom essay UK: Top 5 things to get started

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Posted Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 5:17am

Specific features of custom essays

In the system of modern educations on essays is placed very important emphasize. And there is no big surprise, because it expresses the author's own opinion on a particular issue. If to compare this written work with scientific article and a small essay-opinion, it will be somewhere in between. It does not require strict narrative approach.

Such written work style is a mixture of the scientific and journalistic style. In the text can be inserted citations. But very important rule – they must take no more than 1/3 of the volume of the text. Writing an essay is a process, which involves working with literature and taking into consideration different opinions on the topic.

In the format of essay there is no need to open the question completely. First of all, there must be stated own attitude to the problem under consideration. In order to support the idea are used relevant quotes. However, for many this task is quite difficult. What should be the correct essay? Custom essay writing will necessarily contain the following.

Sources formalization

This is the most important, the most boring and the most unexpected for those who have just started to receive education abroad and need to learn how to write. There is a fat manual, it is also a technical instruction that teaches and shows how to do it properly. And the citation in the text and in the bibliography also requires detailed approach, because you need to differently design the magazine, the article of the magazine, the book, the e-book, the video, the audio and everything else that you use. Very often is used the Harvard system, and in some others preferable is the Chicago system. Custom made essay must be done according to the expectations of one particular person.

Sources of information

It is necessary to know well which sources can be used and which ones cannot be used. Among those that can be - academic articles, magazines and books, that is, articles, magazines and books written by doctors of science and, it seems, candidates for a doctor (need to be checked with teacher). It’s possible to use some types of media - for example, The Guardian or the Financial Times , but anyway it must be unique interpretation. You can use video and audio files, although they will be difficult to cite. You can use books written not by academicians, but by scientific journalists - but in this case you need to pay attention to the publishing house, because it is a pledge of authenticity. For example, Oxford Press can be referenced, and it is better not to publish it to a publishing house, usually engaged in fiction. It is also better not to use books that were not written in English, and then translated without the approval of a scientific reviewer. Translate also must be done by professional in the certain sphere.


It is important to know the rules for checking for plagiarism. Many universities and colleges in England use special services to check the level of uniqueness of the texts. These are the interface for the delivery of essays and coursework (because all the jobs we rent online) and at the same time software to verify written work on plagiarism. Checking for plagiarism is extremely interesting: to search for matches, services uses not only the Internet, but all the work in its own database. When an essay is uploaded, it is tested for a coincidence not only with third-party resources, but also with the essays of my classmates and students of all previous years. Usually this system is very strict about the citation. Suppose you made a small mistake - forgot to mark the title of the book in italics - and the system puts you + 1% plagiarism. Therefore, to achieve plagiarism "2%" is very cool, very difficult and almost impossible for amateur.

Smooth plan

In the introduction, must be highlighted the key idea, it is best to do this in the form of a brief concise statement or quotation, suitable in meaning. In the second part, it’s possible to give illustrative examples that support the point of view on this issue. It is recommended to use more adverbs and adjectives, as well as synonyms for verbs and other words. This will make the text colorful and vibrant. Simple but high-quality and competent English is very important, and errors in the text are not welcome. Each part of your essay should go smoothly to the next one, and finish it with a logically concluded conclusion. Custom essay in UK, to carry out his task, must consist of special vocabulary.


Custom thesis writing is also problematic aspect. The thesis is a certain statement, which the author puts forward, wishing to logically bring his hypothesis to the proof. The argument is proof of the author's words, which can become a well-known fact, a logical conclusion, an experience from the life of the author, his surroundings, the opinions of scientists, statistical data, and research results. So, it requires full understanding of the topic.

A great possibility for those, who has no time to go deep into the topic, and wants to get guaranteed result is custom essay UK, carried out in a professional manner. It's always better to rely on professionals, who will carry out this task perfectly. Because in any case it will solve time.