5 Reasons to Become an Awesome Teacher

Authored by BHTNews.com
Posted Friday, November 20, 2020 - 6:32pm

Here are a few reasons for Tradewind Education why you should strive to become a great teacher.

1. The Opportunity To Share Your Passion

This is rather something to aim for than a prerequisite. Who didn't need to put up with teachers who didn't appear to be enthusiastic about doing their job? The best teachers, however, particularly the ones who know how to motivate their students to learn, are usually also the ones who are really passionate about their job and about the things they teach. Such teachers may simply love math, or acknowledge the importance of the match in their student's lives. Whatever their reason, these teachers are passionate about education and about doing their job at the highest possible standards of quality and integrity. It always takes a little passion to build a truly fulfilling career.

2. The Great Job Security

This profession is almost immune to economic fluctuations - even during the most severe financial crisis students had to go to school and stick to their study schedule. Most public schools are happy and willing to retain staff, so they are willing to provide their teachers with interesting professional development opportunities to prevent them from leaving or moving around.

3. The Regular Vacations And Summer Breaks

How cool is it to enjoy four school holidays per year until you reach your retirement age? Teachers can do this. Keep in mind, though, that teachers need to prepare their classes, so they usually need to put in some extra work that's not directly visible from the outside. Also, not being able to take your holidays during the school term could be a deal-breaker in some situations.

4. Enjoy Industry-Specific Perks

Teachers can take advantage of various superannuation funds. Those who teach in public schools can benefit from salary packing, thus being able to spend part of their pre-tax money on approved stuff.

5. Create Strong Connections For Life

Many teachers consider this the greatest reward in their career. Teachers play an important role in helping young people connect more effectively with each other and gain a better understanding of the world. In some situations, teachers and students benefit from the creation of strong bonds that last for a lifetime. Also, teachers who choose the stability of not changing schools too frequently are able to develop solid working relationships with their colleagues, and even friendships for life.

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