What are the benefits of mobile maintenance software?

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 11:31pm

The inception of mobile phones and particularly smartphones, made a significant impact on our lives in terms of how we communicate and access information. We use smartphones for various purposes, like sending messages, emails, chatting, video calling, and engaging in social media, among other activities.

The smartphone technological evolution is not only essential for personal use; billions of people around the world rely on the use of smartphone technology in work, businesses, companies, organizations, education, etc. Lately, organizations have incorporated mobile technology's use in the maintenance of their assets instead of the traditional way of always having maintenance staff in the office to handle maintenance problems, thus saving time and money.

Mobile maintenance software allows users to remotely access all features of asset management software using their mobile phones. Companies are adopting mobile maintenance software as a solution to their maintenance needs due to the following benefits.

A real-time visibility

When mobile users or workers in a particular field don't have the luxury of having access to a maintenance manager around the clock, a mobile maintenance software comes in handy. It allows the maintenance staff to enjoy the perks of a computerized maintenance management system from anywhere through their mobile phones.

They can also receive real-time updates on their phones on the state of maintenance of operations and the current location of the assets. It is effortless and smooth as everyone carries their mobile phone with them.

No manual paperwork

Having a mobile maintenance software means that you have a computerized maintenance management system(CMMS) accessible in a mobile space. This way, workers don't have to search through file cabinets and endlessly peruse through pages to find the information on the maintenance they need.

Data is safely stored in the CMMS and easily accessible from the database when in need. It also eliminates any personal or human errors in the management of the maintenance files as everything is automated.

Scheduled maintenance

As we all know, an unexpected breakdown in a company's equipment can incur losses and take up valuable time to fix if not handled immediately. Mobile maintenance ensures that you can check assets maintenance anytime from your mobile and instantly know when there is a problem. It enables you to respond quickly and take care of the assets in real-time.

A quick response leads to efficient servicing that saves both money and time.

Improved collaboration

The maintenance staff includes different personnel that must work together to ensure the maintenance activity's efficiency and effectiveness. With mobile maintenance software, information and files are accessible to each of them on their phones all at the same time.

It helps them run on the same page and enhances collaboration; hence, the organization's smooth running.

Maintenance data accuracy

The mobile software ensures the accuracy of the maintenance data. From what type of maintenance an asset requires, the cost you will incur, the time it will take before it needs servicing again, and the data availability to the organization or business.

It ensures that no information is forgotten, left out, wrongly recorded, misidentified, or mislabeled. If there is a compromise on the data accuracy, it will adversely affect the organization's productivity.


Mobile maintenance allows the maintenance staff to be proactive and schedule preventive measures when they discover a repair problem.

Additionally, it also enables maintenance personnel to add supplementary information to the technician who is fixing the problem. For example, one can take a picture of the part that needs fixing and attach it to the work order or notes for the technician for clarification.


Maintenance is an essential part of an organization. For a company to be highly productive, it must avoid any mishaps in maintenance activities. With mobile support, there is fast communication, instant access to data, automated and organized processes that simplify the maintenance activities and operations. It saves time and money hence, more productivity. 

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