Ways to Get the Most From Your Warehouse

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, August 1, 2022 - 8:28am

Whether it be a grocery warehouse or a distribution warehouse, there are many ways to use your warehouse space.

You can put extra on-site employees and increase sales; you can move some of the work in the back into a lighter manner so you can increase efficiency, and now you have an extra space to rent out.

Your Customer Needs

Matching your specs to customer needs can make all the difference in how your warehouse works.

For example, you may think that it is important to always have inventory on hand in large quantities, but what if some of your customers just want smaller quantities?

Instead of booking hundreds of units of a product that customers only want one or two at a time, why not use technology to manage inventory? An inventory management system can allow you to accurately track and manage small and large volumes.

One way that companies are using technology is by using virtual reality (VR) technology. VR allows you to walk through a warehouse before actually visiting the space.

Simple Steps to Boost Productivity in Your Warehouse

If you have the right tools for your business, productivity in your warehouse can greatly improve.

Here are some tips:

Use Simple Bases for Pricing

The key is to design your pricing so that it's easy to understand and easy to apply. If you use complex formulas, it may be difficult to understand what you are paying and why.

When this happens, many customers will opt out of purchases due to the difficulty of understanding how much they have been charged. If a customer is confused or overwhelmed by your prices, they'll go somewhere else or give up on purchasing altogether.

Be Clear With Your Employees

Make sure employees are clear about what inventory rules apply where. If there are different rules in different areas of the warehouse, it can create confusion that could cost you money.

For example, if a new inventory rule applies only to one area, but your employees don't know where that area is located, they may be more likely to lose track of what they're supposed to have.

Take advantage of technology

Technology can be used to simplify and streamline processes, which can make numerous procedures easier to handle and save time for everyone involved. 

Take a look at the solutions that Vardells have available today if you need help in finding a solution that best suits your needs.

Keep Your Workers Motivated

If you're struggling to find ways to improve productivity in your warehouse, you should take a look at your employees. Just like there are benefits of technology, there are the same benefits for employees that use it.

For example, taking a few minutes out of their day to learn new tasks can make them more knowledgeable and help them feel more engaged and excited about coming to work every day.

Plan for Wasted Space

If you're struggling to find ways to improve your productivity in your warehouse, don't forget to consider the space that is wasted in your warehouse.

Many warehouses are designed with aisles that are unnecessarily large. Having aisles this large can be costly because it eats up valuable space that could be used for something else.

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